yule mitts

Hello everyone, a quick post from me today – just sharing a new pattern I put on ravelry last week. I have unfortunately become rather an unfestive being which is a shame but one thing about the dreaded festive season I do like is lights. In particular I am fond of the more vintage looking ones and out of nowhere I wondered if I could make up a simple chart that would work on a pair of mitts. So basically following my Einar Mitts pattern I gave it a go and not only did it work, I very much liked them and one morsel of festive spirit may have ignited in my soul.

I used jumper weight in a selection of bright colours along with a nice fawn background, you need a tiny bit of the colours so its great for using up scraps or peerie balls you have left over and would look lovely in a range of different colour schemes. Regarding the name – i decided to call them ‘Yule’ which is what in Shetland the whole festive period can be called, for more info read here. 

So anyway as the pattern is so similar to my Einar Mitts (minus the fingers) if you have already purchased that you can get the Yule mitts for free with the code ‘yule’ on Ravelry. Just add them to your basket and enter the code, similarly if you havent got Einar but like the look of either just add them both to your basket and add the code and you get one for free!

Thanks for all the support this year, I’m sure ill be back before 2019 (spew) but if not have a nice Yule!


5 thoughts on “yule mitts

  1. These are delightful! Now to look in my stash for some light-worthy yarn and a Ravelry evening. I can’t go on that site without spending too much time browsing …
    The Grinch

  2. LOVE the Yule mitts & immediately bought the pattern. During December the design is obviously Christmas lights, yet in January, they’ll simply be colorful. I’m now abandoning all other holiday knits and will be knitting everyone I know a pair of Yule mitts.

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