two thousand and thirteen

So another year begins, I’m not bothering with any resolutions , i never keep them. I do have a few aims for the year though (aims, not resolutions..) I would like to learn to drive, to be a bit more tidy and for my business to grow!

New Year in Shetland is always a bit.. crap. As youngsters (read underage drinkers) we used to always go to The Cross but these days it seems at New Year the weather is always a bit rubbish, this year there was no tree at the cross and the older i get the more these kind of things should be reserved for young people (again read underage drinkers) so for a change this year we went to Mareel for the bells.


This time last year i was struggling with my final project at college and hadn’t even started knitting yet (obviously i knew how to but hadn’t come to it as my final medium yet) i was really finding college and what i was making very difficult. After the death of my Grandmother who i loved so so much i was making very sad, very dreary work which reflected my feelings. At the end of January i did a complete turnaround of my work and began knitting.. then i realised i had found what i wanted to do.

space  I would like to say thank you to anyone who bought any of my cushions this year, to have managed to make a product which people seem to not only like, but also get excited and feel a connection to is so nice. The feedback i have got from people, not just Shetlanders, is brilliant.

croft hoose cushions

the one thing i will miss going into 2013 is my beloved dog who passed away this year. Max was mental and life is a lot quieter without him, which is sometimes good but often boring.


Work-wise, my small part-time job at Jamieson & Smith has developed into a full-time job and i realise how lucky i am to have found a career in Shetland (with it being such a small place) that not only is related to what i do but also is connected and intertwined. Wool Week in October was a highlight and although i was knackered it led to great things at J&S and also in my own business.

2012 was good and bad, as all years are. My life changed the most as it ever has in 2012 but i dont feel i have changed. Which is maybe a good thing.


Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “two thousand and thirteen

  1. Ella, Best wishes for the New Year. Thanks for all your help & kind answers to questions on Ravelry. I hope you will have your shop up & running soon because I would love to buy one of your cottage cushions. Good luck. You are a great face of Shetland. Kathy, USA

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