So December has creeped up on us again, as it does every year. Shetland has had a small bit of snow in December but last weekend it was the wind that caused the problems. On Friday and Saturday we were battered by force 9 gales forcing the boat to cancelled. I stupidly booked an Opticians appointment which resulted in my purse being considerably ligher (in December!! im a fool) on Saturday so i thought id go along my sister since i was at the street anyway. As i walked (with difficultly) towards her house along the south end Lodberries of Lerwick i came across the waves coming over the wall


once i had ran past, clutching the wall on the other side.. i took some photos. The swell was very strong and just looking at the sea made me feel seasick.


as an islander i have a strong relationship with the sea, it encircles us and can trap us on the island whenever it wants. At this time of year, getting on and off Shetland can be a task and when the sea is as rough as it was at the weekend you feel the power and strength it has. Whenever i leave Shetland i feel very uneasy when i’m far away from the sea. Of course by Saturday night the wind had completely died away and Sunday was a beautiful and calm day…

129That is Shetland weather for you!

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