In the month of January, i didnt have much to blog about, getting over Christmas and New Year turned into getting back into the swing of things at work which led on to looking forward to Lerwick Up Helly Aa aka one of my favorite days ever..

The Galley

Up Helly Aa is a fire festival which takes place in Lerwick (and other places in Shetland) to mark the end.. of winter. You can read more about it here. Its a very difficult thing to explain when you’ve grown up with it.. But.. It has past (sadly) and we are now into February. After Up Helly Aa it is amazing how light it starts to get in Shetland. The worst thing about winter here is the dark mornings and dark nights, i hate getting up in the dark and getting home from work in the dark, you’d think id get used to it but every year winter rolls in and around here things get.. dark.

But today has been a beautiful day in Lerwick, this week has covered all aspects of weather. Snow, rain, wind and sun have all made an appearance.But this morning was lovely so i went off with my Dad and his boat The Marianniella (It was originally called the Mariella after me and my sister but when my niece was born he added her name in there too)



it was nice but blimmin cold. I think winter is still here for a while.

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