wooden things


On Wednesday i went with Mam to ‘Harry Hays’, the local saleroom, We went for the preview on Tuesday night and i spied some Jumper boards, the boards are used to stretch and block knitwear after washing. i loved the look of them, they were set boards, not like the adjustable one we have.


so Wednesday night we went, and i bid. It was kinda exhilarating!! And definitely dangerous.. i could have spent a fortune.. i came home with two, the one above, a childs, and this one, an even peerier bairns one.


so cute, will i ever use them? probably not, but i love things like that. I like to think about all the ganseys that have been boarded on them. My mam did a bit of bidding too and swooped on these:


Mitten and glove boards!! these i will use at some point. I thought there would be other bidders but we got lucky and didnt have to bid much.

its been a busy couple of weeks, but small things like my new (to me) wooden boards are cheering me up.

7 thoughts on “wooden things

  1. Ella what marvelous treasures! And I imagine so fun to bid on…what a fun bit of Shetland history..and I bet you will end up using them… but if not, what amazing decorations!

  2. This is in regards to the wooden mitten boards: love your blog, I showed the pictures of the old mitten boards and he is enthralled and would like to make some for me. He asked me if I could ask you to trace them on paper and send them to him. He’s 70 and would like something easy to do in his workshop this winter. He wouldn’t make them to sell but they remind him of his childhood during the war and he would love it if you could do this for him. ( I’d love you too as he’d be busy for awhile) I knit and I love love Shetland wool, please let me know. Thank you! xoxoxo.

      1. Yes please! He has asked me several times! It would make him so happy! He loves old things and loves to reproduce things. You would make him so happy! We would reimburse you for any costs this might give you via PayPal. Thank you thank you! xx

        1. I think what I will do is scan them on an a4 sheet of paper, will you send me your email address? I might not get it done til this weekend xxx

          1. My e-mail address is Haugmoen @yahoo.com and I can get it printed out here! If you could do this before Christmas I could get it done and give it to him as a Christmas present! Thank you! You have a good heart! Tell your sweet mum she has a lovely daughter! Tell her I said so.

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