life in shetland

One of the things that seems to lead people to my blog is when they search for Black Gold Tide, i did a post a while ago about some of the pictures. I thought some people might be interested in seeing my copy of the original book. I was really lucky that my Granddad gave me his copy, it is such a good book and a really important glance at Shetland Culture in the Oil boom era. My pictures come out quite small on here, im not sure why but if you click on the picture you can see it a bit bigger.




i think this is my favourite picture of them all. I came across the website for the book a good few years ago, and i remember when i saw this picture it really stuck with me, its one of the pictures that reminds you of how some things don’t change, the background looks exactly the same now as it did then.



this photo is quite an important one to me, that house is Heogland. The home of a group of 4 ladies that were family friends of ours in Ollaberry (the description wrongly says North Roe) . My Granddad owned the croft, and they were the last generation of people that i really knew that were a certain kind of Shetlander.




i think what makes me keep coming back to these pictures is the feeling of change in them is quite appropriate to Shetland at the moment. Sullom Voe is growing, and we have a new huge influx of people here which has its benefits and drawbacks..


2 thoughts on “life in shetland

    1. Thanks for your comment Deborah, I really love the book and was so pleased my grandad had an original copy, it’s so long out of print any copies go for a huge amount! Xx

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