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When I am busy, tired and a bit stressed (don’t know why just now but I am..) I seem to lose all my creativity. I cant seem to fully formulate ideas and I just wander aimlessly from project to project but not getting anywhere with them! I am very lucky that when my sister moved out my Mam graciously let me take over Marianne’s bedroom as my knitting room. Every morning on my way out the door this past couple of weeks my stress hasn’t been helped when I looked in my knitting room. It had got a bit messy so yesterday in my afternoon off I did a lot of tidying.



Sometimes I think the best way to get yourself motivated is to get everything back in order again, and get things back into their place. I’m quite pleased with my knitting room as it gives me a place to have everything that inspires me in one place. Its quite a small room but I have managed to pack it full with stuff. Mainly wool…




But also I keep some of my treasured textile possessions.. like my large collection of books..



I just bought a dressmakers dummy, which I now see I should have done long ago, but never mind. I have begun to get slightly interested in sewing.. (oh dear, I see another addiction coming on..) but until I start pinning things on it I have decided to put my favourite bits of Fair Isle on it. This Jumper was my Granny Noelle’s and when she died I was given it. I just love all the bright colours on the black background, she used to wear it a lot and always looked fabulous in it. As she did most things, anyway I have it there now to inspire me.



Its also the perfect place for things like this rug which was made by my Great Granny. Its just a simple latch hook rug but I love all the colours. I’ve also been able to make use of some of the things I made at college, like this foot stool which goes nicely with my rug..



and this picture, which I made as part of my final project (the bairns, not the kitten – i got that for 20p from a charity shop!) Of course my knitting machine takes up the most room. I have it on an old rickety formica kitchen table that is definitly not stable enough but its a nice yellow colour and used to be Dads so I like it.




By organising and tidying up then taking some nice pictures I already feel a bit more inspired!


That cushion is another college make, crofthouses galore! I need it with that chair, I found it at the dump and I love the colour but it doesn’t half give you a sore bum sitting on it without a cushion!

Speak soon,


29 thoughts on “knitting room

  1. Great blog post, and lovely photos as usual! looks like a very inspirational place – all that yarn and oh my all those books! I have just realised that my granny was friendly with yours, I remember meeting Noelle and my granny used to speak about her often x

    1. Thank you Donna! I keen, I have far too many books.. I just got a new lens for my camera so I wis trying it out and got carried away taking pictures :) aww, that is lovely. She was such a nice person, I miss her a lot xx

  2. I love looking at the books people have – next stop amazon….
    The description of why everything there is important to you makes it much more interesting and the photos are really good. Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your studio with us. I’ve always been curious about other makers’ studios and stash and books.
    Your Granny’s sweater is so beautiful. Also the paragraph or two about you in the latest issue of Selvedge was very interesting!!

  4. Thanks for the peek into your knitting room, Ella! You are lucky to have a room just for your craft. I love the jumper that belonged to your Granny. Do you ever wear it?

  5. Great pictures I thought you were in the shop for a minute haha I love granny’s jumper it is amazing and your haven of creation x

  6. Thank you for sharing your room with us, it’s lovely, I love how you have so many things around you that are part of your family history and how colourful everything is. If the rug is fraying could you bind the edges to prolong its life? Now aimlessly wondering about rug making…

  7. What a wonderful craft room! I also find that when I spend a little time organizing, whether it’s the yarn stash or my desk at work, it clears my mind and helps me focus. I am much more prolific afterwards. And it’s so nice to work or play in an orderly place especially with my favorite crafty things nearby.

  8. Your room looks wonderful. I have a space similar to you, i.e. the spare room. Everyone should have one…. a place to be creative!

  9. Oh what a gorgeous room! I would love to have a room like this. to work on. I can imagine that organizing it will make you more inspired.

  10. The sweater looks in great shape for its age. I am a lot like you. I surround myself with things from family members who have passed on. I find it comforting.

  11. Love your Granny’s sweater…….it’s the yellows and the oranges of course! Yes, organization does get one motivated…however as I will soon find out…my daughter just reorganized my baking pantry and I will never find anything again :) My studio stays organized but I can hardly walk around in it, it Has to be organized :) Good job.

  12. good grief ella! what gorgeousness! what inspiration! i love everything, you amaze me, that is all.

    oh and the cushion. please make more, i have decided i need to collect croft house cushions. (which means i’ll have to come back to shetland to retrieve it, my master plan). :)

  13. Hi Ella..your inspiration will return…just looking at your craft room with all its books wool and family pieces inspires me..same thing happens to me, getting stressed and stuck..I find that straightening up, and putting in order always gives me a sense of control, and peace and sends me off in the right dirrection your work , you are inspiring…cheers pat

  14. Hi Ella, I have been enjoying your posts for a few months now. It’s nice to see another young women who is as in love with WOOL as I am.:) My “wool room” is a corner of my bedroom that has slowly been expanding over the past year. I think that it is time to take a tip from you and other bloggers and make myself a swatch board. The red and oatmeal colored swatch that you have pinned is especially eyecatching and lovely. Best wishes.

  15. Hi Ella,
    Your knitting room looks lovely, it’s so colourful, and your Nanny’s jumper is just gorgeous. Mine was a very colourful dresser, lots of brightly hued jumpers, weirdly patterned dresses, a bright blue coat, rainbow coloured headscarves topped off with bright flame hennaed hair……When I’m not feeling very creative I end up going for lots of long walks near my home, this time of year it’s lovely and head-clearing, and inspirational in so many ways…not least as the hedgerows are full of blackberries and I am a bit of a mrs tummy tumpkins when it comes to eating them…. but the colours that fall in place next to each other, leaves falling, mushrooms and berries…never fails to lift spirits and inspire me.
    I also like to surround myself with pieces from loved ones, though I’m more of a sewer than a knitter, I love incorporating tiny pieces of fabric from my Nanny or my friend Sylvia (she’s like an extra Nanny), I use my dad’s darning mushroom all the time, and I’m always using bits and pieces handed down from elderly and sadly passed away loved ones…by using things they owned it helps their memories remain bright and close.

  16. That looks like how I’ve been imagining my dream yarn studio/library. It’s interesting how all of the pieces you’ve collected from family members are all so colorful.

  17. you have a knitting room – how fantastic, and how envious I am! it looks very inviting and inspirational. I love your Granny’s jumper – it is really special to have such a lovely memento.

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