vatsland jumper

Hello everyone! so in my last brief post, I mentioned I was working on a new design, and here it is! I have called it the Vatsland Jumper, and that’s where me and Dad went to take the pattern photos. I’m so pleased with how this design has turned out from my head to the sample, it just looks exactly the way I imagined!

I’m not a big lace knitter but there is something I like about working Shetland Lace in thicker than normal yarn, so knit this jumper using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter – a worsted weight. I think the combination of the lace pattern and the way shelter kind of melts together once it’s washed is a perfect combination, the lace is a basic Shetland new shell (like these scarfs) which always looks more complicated than it is – I love to knit yokes as we know but a couple of months ago I was thinking about putting a pattern along the bottom of a jumper with a simple raglan top and this is what I came up with! It is knit in the round from the bottom up but if you are like me i.e allergic to purling you can work the lace portion flat and seam up one side, I also worked my garter stitch cuffs and neck flat too and seam those rows – so if you are normal and don’t hate to purl with a reckless abandon then just work them in the round.

I went for a cropped boxy shape with 3 quarter length sleeves, I wanted the lace to be what stands out so for the cuffs and neck I have used simple garter stitch, I think this way it doesn’t detract from the lace and as the texture is quite similar it ties it together – I hope you agree! I also kept two stitches at either side worked in garter stitch – I think this also helps the different elements of the jumper work together.

I must say though, I find the lace part of the jumper so photogenic! (own trumpet.. toot toot) I used four shades in total in the sample: Sweatshirt for the main shade with Snowbound, Hayloft and Sap as the contrast colours – but I think it would look really subtle and beautiful in one shade. I have started a second one in…… take a guess……. greys of course. So I will look forward to showing that to you soon! Due to the repeats of the lace I have sized it in seven 4″ increments from 30″ up to 54″, I am wearing the 34″ bust with no ease but the shape would lend itself to 2 or 3 inches positive ease no problem.

So you can find the Vatsland Jumper on ravelry here! Happy Knitting xx

22 thoughts on “vatsland jumper

  1. Ella – the colours you have chosen for Vatsland are in perfect harmony with the surrounding rocks – next to last photograph – lovely ! best wishes Margaret

  2. Absolutley lovely, Ella. It’s so hard to make something both simple and distinctive, and you really have with this.
    I love its elegance and clean lines – so unfussy. Yet also recognisable an Ella Shetland special!! I can see that I could make it a bit longer, and with square sleeves (I look terrible in raglan), without losing any of its distinctive quality.

  3. I think this is such a special sweater — I love the mix of the traditional lace with a modern jumper shape. I have sooo many WIPs and projects planned right now but I saw this and was thinking about how I just need to go to my LYS and pick up some shelter and cast on right away. So lovely!!!

  4. Hi Ella….very beautiful jumper…a treat to have a new and different design..thanks for the bigger sizes….cheers pat j

  5. It’s lovely, Ella! Can’t resist this one. I will love doing that shell lace in a thicker yarn. It’s a MUST knit for me!

  6. ‘I love its elegance and clean lines – so unfussy’ as Carys says. I’ve been very, very curious how the top would be designed, when you posted the sneak peek. A fabulous choice on your part, as it has a very classic look…like Audrey Hepburn styling in Breakfast in Tiffany’s…very chic indeed!!!

    Should be very interesting to see what colour combinations knitters come up with, to personalize their versions of your jumper…

    Between yourself and your Dad, your photographic eyes are superb! Love the inspirational nature photos in your photo shoot.

    Congratulations on another beauty Ella!

  7. I’m having a great time knitting the Vatsland Jumper, Ella. It was just the thing I needed for my poor empty needles.

  8. what a simply elegant sweater…the overlapping grasses above you, like the lace of the sweater, and the sea pinks, oh, how beautiful against the dark green…a sea of inspiration–no pun intended. I would try those colors for my sweater, pink and gray or pink and dark green. Your designs are super!
    blessings from Kansas ^__^

    1. Hi Joanna, thank you! I think it would be a bit thick but it might be worth doing a swatch, a heavy DK would work better than going thicker.

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