early summer

recent walks to st. ninians, the burn and Ollaberry. Lighter nights, hentilaags, baby lambs and grey skies.

I was given a new lens for my camera and I’m enjoying trying it out, it doesn’t look like it in these photos but the weather in Shetland has been quite good and I’m hopeful for a nice summer. I’m working on a new design which I should have out in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for that, speak soon xx

9 thoughts on “early summer

  1. Just for a moment, I was in Shetland…thanks, Ella. Can’t wait for the new design!

  2. Your photos give great pleasure to all of us. They leave me smiling with contentment. Thank you, Karen

  3. I whole heartedly agree with Karen….contented and smiling over here….love the depth of the colours of the sea, the sky, the earth…and oooh all that fluff on legs ;) …sheer bliss!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello Ella..thanks for sharing your Shetland…amazing land and ocean shots, sweet little lambs…which I was there..look forward to your new design…cheers pat j

  5. Fabulous memories evoked by your excellent photos! Clearly you are enjoying the new lens!

  6. beautiful places! been watching the Shetland cameras and wondered if the yellow and red boat at Hay’s dock is your Dad’s. Saw him in your instagram pictures. Waiting for the new design. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful pictures of wool, knits and sea…^__^

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