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So all my orders have been done and received (as far as I know!) I only had to reknit one that had got lost in the post. Grr, anyway only half a day of work more to go then a bit of a break! I cant wait to get into my Christmas knitting…


I have made good progress on my Cockatoo Brae cardigan, I have knit all the pieces on my machine and picked up the stitches for the yoke, I just have a bit of plain knitting and shaping to go before I reach the fun bit!


These are the colours I have chosen for my yoke, not my usual colours (usually I keep faaaar away from pinks and purples) but I wanted to do something a bit different for me.. Although including oranges doesnt really make it too far away… They are a mixture of J&S shades with random unnamed cloo’s I’ve picked up. A nice subtle mix I hope!


I started this Agnes jumper a while ago which I am knitting in Alafoss Lopi – the first part of my Icelandic wardrobe for my trip! And I only have half a sleeve (and the pockets) left to do. I actually find chunky wool and needles quite hard on my hands and a bit cumbersome so I should have finished this a while ago but I have been slacking. I did knit half a sleeve last week while watching the Fall finale (anyone else watch? the ending was wild!!) It is going to be so warm, I’m going to use bright green Lett Lopi for the pockets!


I am also planning to make (yesterday I casted this on!) an Epistropheid. A while ago I was in Nimble Fingers, a craft shop in Lerwick and I saw this Toft yarn which I knew Epistrophy from Yokes was made from, it was on sale but I couldn’t really afford enough for a whole gansey (you know, at this time of year one is meant to be buying presents for other people..not themselves..!) so I thought.. hmm I could make a hat with the Epistrophy motif.. with an Alpaca pompom on top! I told Kate this and of course she has already begun designing the very hat i was thinking of!! So i’m looking forward to making that.


What are your plans for Christmas knitting?

I hope all my friends and readers have a nice and peaceful Christmas, thank you to anyone who’s read, commented and shared anything from my blog. It’s very much appreciated xxx

18 thoughts on “christmas knitting

  1. You’re quite busy!! I hope you have time to do your own Christmas knitting. (Amazon has faux fur pompoms!!)
    Looking forward to seeing your sweaters and hats and other good stuff!!
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Very funny, you’re having a Bus man’s holiday!! I love the tweedy yarns and my daughter is knitting that same sweater! nice choice.
    Have a wonderful warm happy Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas! I find chunky yarn harder going than finer yarns too, found that when I was making an Owls jumper for my sister for Christmas. I need to think about what to knit over Christmas itself, probably just go on with what’s on the needles. Happy Knitting too!

  4. Happy Christmas Ella, I have just finished a version of Sandra’s sheep cushion and am about to start on a fair isle hat using some of the J&S yarns you packaged up for me in July. Love the colours you have selected for your Cockatoo Brae.

  5. I love your colours for Cockatoo Brae, and the idea of grey and green.
    At the moment I am finishing a big blanket in linen stitch and working on a Kate Davies Firth O Forth.

    The photos of your Christmas tree look really warm and festive- Merry Christmas!

  6. My Christmas present knitting has knackered my hands too. I am giving them a rest and have Cockatoo Brae as my Christmas holiday project. i look forward to seeing your colours. I love to see heathered pinks and purples in colour work. I would rarely (never say never) choose to wear purple, but it looks fabulous in fairisle.
    Good wishes to you.

  7. Hi, Ella! I love your blog! Please do post a photo when you’ve finished your Cockatoo Brae cardigan. They’re not my normal colors either, so I’d really like to see some inspiration from you!

  8. Merry Christmas, Ella. I have enjoyed reading your posts and instagrams throughout the year, and am looking forward to following your knitting adventures in 2015!

  9. Gleðileg jól!
    Thank you for all your lovely posts this year – I’m so glad I discovered you on Instagram <3
    I'm knitting Ásta Sóllilja from Kate's Yokes and hope to have it finished by mid january for my birthday! I too find that bulkier yarn is super hard on my wrists and shoulders so those projects take longer to finish.

    Looking forward to seeing your Cockatoo Brae – I think I might make mine with blue, oceanic hues :)

    Much knitting love from 65 degrees North

  10. Hello Ella, I found your blog this year and it’s delightful. Best wishes for a very crafty/knitty/fabulous new year.
    Marilyn from Minnesota

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