wild winds and radio scotland



We’ve had some wild weather in Shetland this past couple of weeks. Typical January weather of course but still tough going, my christmas break seems a million miles away! I have had some commissions so I’ve been working away on those but my hand knitting has been suffering from my lack lustre feelings.. does anyone else got those this time of year…? One thing i have been inspired by, likely by the calming colours and easy lines is the latest Madder release: anthology two. The photos actually remind me of the Sletts, near to where I took these photos last week. The Sletts in nicer weather of course! I instantly fell in love with Lila winter so I am making slow progress on that, just one sleeve and a half to go!


That water to the left spraying upwards is a waterfall.. being blown backwards.. brrr

Also.. I was interviewed in October by BBC Scotland for a programme about Shetland knitting, it was on today and you can listen to it here. (i dont know if you will be able to listen outside the UK, sorry) Oliver and Jan that I work with at J&S are also on it as well as some of my knitterly pals like Hazel and Helen. Its quite hard sometimes to verbalise why you feel the way you do about some things, so I’m pleased.. but also intrigued as to whether I have such a deep voice in real life?

Anyway January is almost over which means two things.. one: my favourite day of the year is next week – Lerwick Up Helly Aa.. and two: the days are getting longer! I need more daylight.

Speak soon x

25 thoughts on “wild winds and radio scotland

  1. YES – I could hear it in Washington DC – -it was super!!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing – have fun at Up Helly Aa – someday!

    Sandy Mills

  2. Oh Ella, you were great! We are all shocked when we hear our recorded voice :) It was a lovely program and thanks for alerting us. stay warm and have a blast at Up Helly Aa……….

  3. I live in the Pacific Northwest, about 40 miles north of Seattle, Washington, and I just listened to the program on Radio 4 and loved it! It is such a delight to know that people all over the world love knitting, and when you can keep your heritage alive at the same time, it has to be so much more special.

    Our weather here is often rainy and gray so knitting is a big deal and most of us here live in sweaters. I’m seventy now and I’ve knit since I was 10. I’ve seen the way it was and love the way it is now!

  4. I live in Cape Town South Africa and listened to the broadcast, which was great, I really enjoyed it. Lovely photos I just love the movement of the ocean waves. All the best for 2015 xx

  5. I listened to it this morning, with breakfast. How great, now I just know I have to come to Shetland. First stop Edinburgh Yarn festival, will you be selling your cushions there?

  6. Hi Ella,
    Just listened to the program (from a frosty Norfolk so not so far as a lot of people who’ve already commented) …it was so brilliant, I wish it had lasted longer. I didn’t catch the lady’s name in the program but there is a local museum here (The Time and Tide Museum in Gt Yarmouth) which has a section devoted to the women and girls who used to gut the herrings, in the exhibition there is a selection of wooden needles and knitting belts. I’m sure I read that some of the women who used to sort the fish travelled down from the Shetland islands….
    I loved listening to why you knit your crofter’s cottages (I’ll be dropping hints to my boyfriend as I think our sofa needs one) and hope that one day you get to live in one…..also your voice sounded very nice, warm and friendly.

  7. Just to let you know I just listened successfully to the program from Nuriootpa in South Australia – I’m so glad the BBC is letting us listen to their programs overseas, even if we can’t watch their Catch-Up TV programs.
    I enjoyed the program, and loved hearing the Shetland voices again :)

  8. Hi Ella, I just listened to the programme from a wet and windy Ayr so no where near as far as some of the listeners. I have read a bit about Shetland knitting having initially had my eyes opened about it through Kate Davies’s blog and patterns but this programme really brought it too life. Visiting Shetland, during the wool festival would be perfect if I could get the time off work, is on my to do list for 2015. Stay warm and have fun at Up Helly Aa. Jo x

  9. Hi Ella
    I just listened from freeeeeezing Ontario, Canada. You have my sympathy as I have been following the wild weather you have been experiencing. What a delight to get to enjoy the program! Hearing your voice and the voices of all Shetland knitters on the show…truly warmed my heart and brightened a very cold, windy, grey day. It was brilliant and you sounded amazing!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  10. I loved the programme. I listened this morning and the time flew by. I am hoping to visit Shetland this summer so you have really whetted my appetite.

    I think your photos are really lovely – the colours are amazing.

    Re the knitting mojo? Yes, I do get like that – every year. I find the best thing is to cast on something new. (Perhaps in the fabulous colours of your photos?)

  11. Hello Ella! I’m listening to the program right now! So excited to hear your voice, Hazel’s voice and I thought I heard Oliver at the very beginning. I think Shetland is such a magical and beautiful place and dream of returning someday. I love the broadcast. Thank you for the link!

  12. I have just listened to the radio article and loved hearing it, now I am working through the entire series and enjoying it all x

  13. Hello Ella: I did listen successfully in sunny Santa Barbara California (sorry!) while knitting. I am really enjoying your blog, and learning about Shetland. I love knitting as well as its history and ties to the people who do it. Your blog has also opened a whole new world to me and a small group of friends: Up Helly Aa! Oh man. I never knew something so amazing existed! We were thrilled to learn of the LIVE broadcast! You know what I’ll be doing at 6:00 a.m my time next Tuesday! (Perhaps with flaming torch in hand at some point!)
    Oh, one other thing I love about your blog: your sweater collection! I have recently become a very enthusiastic sweater acquirer myself. I was heartened to see that what I am doing is actually curating a collection.
    Thanks so much,
    All the best!

  14. Ella, I heard your segment and was very taken by your comment about the crofts. I do think your cushions are brilliant and I hope they continue to be a mainstay for you. I so regret not buying a couple while there during Wool Week. Also, I thought your comments about how your work has evolved were lovely. You might consider a podcast, you have a talent for communicating well!

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