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As you know, one of the many (many,many) things I’m making is a Cockatoo Brae cardigan. I whizzed through the machine knitting before Christmas and got everything picked up on a circular needle, chose my colours then…. stalled. I decided on oranges and purples for my yoke because i wanted to use some colours I haven’t really used before. Obviously this was a flaw in my plan because somehow this made me lose interest and work on other things. I blame the purple.. I don’t do purple.. ANYWAY. At some point over the past couple of weeks I began thinking about a YELLOW YOKE. I love grey and yellow together.. AKA.. grellow. I am rather a fan of orange and yellow so today I gathered up all my yellow jumper weight yarn.. resulting in this…

Photo 22-02-2015 1 35 33 pm

mmmm..Amongst my struggles to find an order for my shading (there can be a surprising trickiness in tones of yellows..) I decided to look at some of my collection of yokes for some shading inspiration.

IMG_4530 IMG_4528 IMG_4525 IMG_4522 IMG_4517

At times I had thought about doing double shading, background and foreground (like the yoke above) but I have decided against it and I’m just going to simple foreground shading to let the yellow ZING. Some of my vintage Yoke collection are made in colours I definitely would not choose to knit for myself but I do love them all in their own way. The joy of making your own of course is that you can make it exactly how you want!


I did a lot of variations until I got something I am happy with, I am not a swatcher (gulp, sorry) and since a lot of these are very old or colours I cant get again.. I dont want to waste the wirsit.. I like to think and rely on my colour sense.. I have also redone the chart in my colours and it looked pretty fab so I have high hopes.

I have quite a lot of orders and things at the moment so I am hoping it wont be too long until you see my GRELLOW Cockatoo Brae cardigan!

speak soon xxxxx

13 thoughts on “yoke inspirations

  1. Yes, I know what !I like when I see it (done by somebody else!!) but doing it myself drives me daft……OK, dafter than usual :) I really like a green and brown that you have on one of the yokes but it was on an older post, one with samples. Happy knitting!

  2. All those lovely colour combinations makes me want to cast on that cardigan myself! I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turn out.

  3. So many gorgeous yokes! Coming up with good colour combinations is one thing I definitely need to work on myself, I usually just tend to go for whatever someone else has selected in a pattern before me!

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