as I mentioned a few posts ago I had begun to knit a riddari jumper. Well after a late night knitting on Saturday night I finished it and got it boarded on Sunday. I knitted the body and sleeves on my chunky machine and hand knit the yoke.. (as usual) I used Shetland Aran BSS13 for the main colour and 3 shades of Quince & Co Lark for the yoke. This was my first time knitting with Quince yarn, I love their aesthetic and branding so I got in my head I had to try it.. and I really liked it! I don’t know if I would like the whole jumper in it because its so soft but for the yoke it is really effective.


As the pattern is written more for a man I would say the sleeves are a bit wider than I would have liked so although I made the smallest size I could have been even smaller, especially around the top of the arms. So that’s something to think about if I was to make it again, which I think I would! I bought quite a lot of Lark to choose my yoke colours so I definitely have enough yarn.. har har.. we knew that anyway..


I actually started this a while ago but it took me a bit to get into the groove with it, once I did though I rattled through the yoke in a few nights. There are a few rows using three colours which is not my favourite.. My Fair Isle technique isn’t that efficient anyway so I ended up just picking up and dropping the third colour as and when it was needed.


Rather appropriately it is now less than one month til I head to Iceland! I will definitely be packing my Riddari jumper. :)

Speak soon. x

16 thoughts on “riddari

  1. I’m also off to Iceland this summer and have just ordered my wool from jamieson and smith to make Kate davies’s puffin sweater. Hopefully it will be finished in time for the holiday. Your colour combination is perfect for the rid dark.

  2. It was today and I was very impressed when I got the email at lunchtime to say it had been despatched. How’s that for customer service 😃

  3. Beautiful work and thank you for sharing! I just bought some Quince Chickadee yarn for a sweater & am really looking forward to using it. I love how well their colors go with each other.

  4. You are going to be taken for a local when you take your trip to Iceland & wear all of the Icelandic sweaters you have knitted recently. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to hearing about your Iceland trip in future blogs. Have a great time!

  5. You made another lovely sweater and the colors are perfect together. I enjoy reading about your work. Tonight a couple of my students mentioned they have their reservations for Wool Week this year. Oh, how I wish I was returning to Shetland.

    You will love Iceland!

  6. Beautiful work as usual! I always enjoy your FOs. I have a question on machine knitting/hand knitting combination. I am a novice in machine knitting and when I wanted to combine both of the crafts in one project I faced a problem – how to get the same gauge on the hand knitting? Is there any rule of a thumb which says if your stitch dial is this, then your needle size should be this. Or is it possible to check only with a good old swatch? :) Also is it possible to knit simple stockinette stitch back and sleeves on the machine and hand knit the more elaborated front? Or the difference of machine and hand knitting parts will be too visible? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Alina, sorry for my late reply. I am quite lucky that my gauge isn’t a million miles off from the machine knit fabric. I usually have my tension dial somewhere between 7 and 8. I have a post about machine knitting for a yoke which I go into a little bit more detail.. That might help you! Also blocking hides a multitude of sins :) xx

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