my baa-ble hat

I do love a quick knit and if you’re looking for something to knock up in a few nights or even less if you are also trying to knit a hap.. I would definitely suggest this years free Shetland Wool Week pattern – The Baa-ble Hat. Designed by Donna Smith, this years patron for Wool Week, this hat contains everything I like: pom poms (big fan) thick wirsit (cant go wrong) and sheep motifs (love sheep)


I decided to go for more of a grey colour scheme than the original hat but I think it still represents how Shetlands outdoors look a majority of the year (sorry folks) I obviously have quite a short head so I did the last few decreases a bit more rapidly than the pattern, Instead of every other row I decreased every row for my flat head.


My stash has begun to get out of control due to a few recent acquisitions of quite a lot of old Shetland Wool from the saleroom, charity shops and that huge amount I was given by a family friend. I used to be horrendous for buying clothes, I have replaced that with buying wool so I really wanted to use stash yarn so I used Shetland Aran, sadly now discontinued but you can still get the darker grey and black that I used, the second colourway Donna designed is using the new Worsted Shetland Aran from my work which is really nice too so I might make another one..!


The pattern is available free from the Shetland Wool Week website here, it makes a great introduction to Fair Isle knitting but also knits up nice and quickly, Its addictive seeing the sheep emerge which I think is the sign of a good Fair Isle pattern.. you need to see more!

Speak soon, X

16 thoughts on “my baa-ble hat

    1. Thanks Alison, no it is a vintage yoke I got off eBay, Lacey yokes were very popular for a while, I’ll maybe do a post on it someday!

  1. Have you cut your hair? It looks lovely. That jumper is delicious – a post about lace yokes would be fascinating.

    1. I have, thank you! My hair is very thick so once it gets a certain length I have to cut it short and grow again! I will definitely do a post sometime xx

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