grey yoke



IMG_5197When I took the photos for my baa-ble hat post I realised the jumper I was wearing matched it perfectly! I bought this yoke jumper from eBay a few months ago and since I did I have worn it a lot. I have fancier and brighter jumpers in my wardrobe but I often find myself reaching for this jumper.


The jumper has a a simple but very effective lace yoke. I love grey (we know, we know) and I love the subtle shading with the bright white through the middle. If you are aware of the construction of the yoke in Kates Puffin jumper (Ive made two.. see here and here) this is quite similar. In the Puffin every second row is a purl row which gives you more of a textured effect but the decreasing is the same for the zig zags.


Unfortunately as times changed in Shetland many textile businesses stopped producing knitwear, I’ve never head of this brand and perhaps they were quite small, a ‘cottage’ industry but that’s quite a nice label so I’m not sure. If you ever come across something described as hand-framed or hand-framed knitted that means most of the jumper is machine knitted and in this case the yoke has been handknitted.


time is ticking on and I head to Iceland a week on wednesday, I cant wait! hopefully I’ll be back with another post before I go, til then, happy knitting. xx

12 thoughts on “grey yoke

  1. Lovely! I wondered how that texture was done, yes I have the book but had not read the ‘destruction’s ;) for that jumper. Thanks.
    Are ye packed yet? haha

  2. Adore this jumper, think I will have a go at knitting it using Kate’s Puffin pattern as a guide. Hope she won’t mind! Enjoy reading your blog Ella, it’s always inspiring, thank you. Have a lovely trip to Iceland.

  3. I had a hand framed jumper with a hand knitted yoke similar to your grey one photographed above. I bought it in the 1980’s, probably on the Isle of Skye. It was always a favourite. Somewhere among my stash of many patterns I also have a knitting pattern that I found at a car boot sale years ago, always intending to make another jumper for myself. Unfortunately I can’t find it at the moment and will need to sort through very carefully. However did you know that jumpers and cardigans are still available to order at Anderson & Co. also at Shetland-knitwear who knit scarves and gloves too.

  4. Elegant and simple, the sweater is an example of an effective use of tints and shades of gray. I love your Baa-ble Hat, too. I made one for the shop where I teach and need to stash dive in my handspun for my hat. Seeing yours inspires me to do that right now!

  5. Oh, that’s a gorgeous yoke!! I can imagine it in all sorts of colour combose but the greys are pretty much perfect too!

  6. Lovely!
    I sent you a DM on facebook – hope you got it :)
    Good luck and good fun on your tour through Iceland – bring lots of warm stuff!

  7. I love this Jumper Ella….it would work in with my collection I am creating just now! Just seen this now as i am rarely on here… the words of one of our old lecturers. ‘Good JAAAAB!!’ xxx

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