yell and the old haa


I mentioned in my last post that me and my dad were going up to Yell to set up a small joint exhibition in the Old Haa museum in Yell. Well on Sunday we did that but a few weeks ago we also went up for some inspiration, I thought I’d share some photos from both those trips. Yell is one of the northern isles of Shetland and where my Granny and Grandad on my Mams side are from. Although they left Yell for Ollaberry in the mid 1960’s it still feels like a family place to me.

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Yell is quite a big island (the second largest after the mainland) and some parts are quite empty with concentrated groups of villages, the land goes from peat covered to green and lush from one mile to the next. This large expanses of land also means of course: lots of sheep, and quite a lot of nice coloured sheep too.

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The weather on both days me and dad were up was typical Shetland summer days, rain one minute and sun the next. We got caught in a few showers but when it was sunny it was lovely. There are quite a few abandoned bulidings and crofthouses in Yell as there is everywhere in Shetland but as you know I love any crofthouse, derelict or otherwise as I use them for inspirations for my cushions!

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So, the purpose of our visit on Sunday was to set up the exhibition, my Dad for those who don’t know is a local cartoonist and artist in Shetland, he is best known for his cartoons which he does every week in the local paper (for the past 25+ years!) and he also sells his cartoons at Craft Fairs and the like in Shetland. Although of course I am biased he is really very funny but also very talented and his ‘serious’ pictures are just as good as his cartoons.









I think my cushions and his pictures go very well together! The exhibition is located in the small gallery room in the Old Haa, a museum located in Burravoe in Yell, it houses a lot of local history about Yell from its nature and geology to the experiences of Yell men going to the whaling and the war. It also has a tea room, with very nice cakes (I can confirm this) For more information about the Old Haa see here.

The exhibition runs until the 12th of July so if you happen to be in Yell, go for a look!

10 thoughts on “yell and the old haa

  1. What fabulous photographs. I love the blue door and the blue nets. The exhibition looks very engaging. I often feel a bit nervous going into small galleries or open studios because if I don’t like the work, then it is difficult to get out without feeling as though I am being rude. If I wandered into this exhibition, I’d be relieved and delighted.
    Jamieson’s have a yarn called Yell Sound Blue. It is cool blue with marbling of cream and yellow.

  2. Good for de promoting da Old Haa and Yell both. A true Yell body we her heart an her roots in da Isles. Good luck we da exhibition.

  3. Wish I was in Shetland this year! I really like your dads picture of the puffin landing. Goes without saying the cushions look great, you have been busy as I think you had sold out in a blog you wrote not so long ago.

  4. All the best for the show, Ella! I so wish I could see it. And I’m thrilled to see your knit collection up here- not sure how I missed it but so enjoying looking through those beauties (and appreciating the big diversity) and getting primed for your and Kate’s evening of vintage knits in Wool Week- can’t wait!


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