hermaness worsted


we have been suffering from a usual Shetland summer this year for example today pretty much the rest of the UK is going through a heat wave and in Shetland its 14 degrees and raining.. pretty poor to be honest but sometimes, and quite a a lot recently the days have been crap but the nights have been quite nice and last night was one of those nights.


Since I came back from Iceland I have had a lack of knitting mojo, it think it was over-stimulation! I came back with too many ideas and too many things I wanted to make. I needed something simple and quick, then I saw Karens post about the Fringe Hatalong. The pattern is a worsted weight version of Hermaness, one of Gudrun’s pattern from her book that was released last year.


The pattern requires one ball of Shelter, I have a few of those lying around..! So I thought I’d give it a go, I still have my jumper weight version on the needles, which I really want to finish.. but for now this was a quick and easy project.

IMG_5992 IMG_5988 IMG_5990

I used 3.5mm needles for the rib and 4.5 for the main pattern. Since I am over half way through my jumper weight version of the original pattern I caught on again to the pattern repeat pretty quickly so I got the hat worked up over a couple of nights (while I binge watched Orange is the New Black!!) I was disappointed with how much it stretched when I washed it so if I was to make another I might go down a needle size and maybe two for the rib! Its ok as it is a slouchy hat but if it had been more of a beret I would have been disappointed.

Collage The Shelter was lovely to knit with, it has a very odd texture to me, although its 100% wool it nearly feels like chenille or something? Its very loosely spun so it must be all the air making it feel squishy. If you look hard enough on Raverly there are people complaining about how easily it breaks, I don’t find it to be too bad and I think the colour of the yarn makes up for it. They are very complex and dyed in the wool so you get lovely flashes of other colours. I used Hayloft which is a lovely bright orangey yellow. The hat should take one ball but I had used a tiny bit of this ball so I ran out near the end and couldn’t do all the knit rounds between the decreasing or the I-cord bind off.

Thanks to my mam for taking the pictures of me in the hat, I totally turned our walk into a photo-shoot..!

If you would like to knit your own hermaness hat you can download the pattern via Karen’s blog and if you do, remember to use the hashtag #fringehatalong on instagram!

7 thoughts on “hermaness worsted

  1. It is a wonderful hat. I went down 2 sizes and really like the fit! I have read the same comments about Brooklyn Tweed yarns. I had just bought my first skeins, the colour was Button Jar and was absolutely taken with all the colours blending together. I put them aside and a few days later started seeing all these people saying how hard it was to work with and how it tended to break quit a bit. Honestly, I wanted to cry. I let a few more days pass and then decided I’d just jump in and see how it went. I was making the Gansey wrap. I cast on and said a prayer under my breath. I loved working with it. It was so fluffy and yet it still had great stitch definition . I did come to a tiny spot that had a bit of a large lump in the yarn so I just broke the ends and hand felted it to the other side. It was easy to break but didn’t have a problem when I was knitting. I think it might have been different if I was a tight knitter, I can see that happening. What I really love is when I’m wearing blues it looks more blue and when I’m wearing greens it takes on those greens. I’m glad you had fun in Iceland and don’t be hard on yourself for the bit of mojo your feeling, Seems these days, after a vacation/trip, I need a vacation to rest up from the vacation! Happy Knitting!

  2. Love your lovely photos. Thank you for the heads up on the free pattern from Fringe. I’ve been on vacation as well and am just now catching up on my blogs. The color of your hat is fantastic. I love Shelter and find the breakage issue to be part of its charm….not a big deal for such lovely wool.

  3. LOVE that orangey yellow! Thanks mam for the photo shoot…I suppose it was all due to her as well that you had great weather :)

  4. Well the beanie looks great despite the rib expansion. That’s happened to me before but the hat still fit. I have yet to try that brand.

  5. It’s on days like these that I dearly wish I lived where you do! (Though I find myself doing that quite a lot anyway). I can only dream of it being cool enough to wear a hat. Roll on knitting weather!

  6. Your mom did a terrific job with the photos! The hat looks great on you. I have to say 14 degrees sounds quite nice. We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in BC. It is supposed to get up to 32 degrees today, and 35 by the end of the week.

  7. Great hat and a good choice of colour; I am knitting hats as well (one of them in Madeleintosh warm yellow (“daffodil”)); the Norwegian summer has not been very warm so far either…! Greetings from Oslo, Hege

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