ola yoke

Hello everyone! thank you for the lovely comments on my last post about my trip to Whalsay, today as promised I’m back with a new pattern release, the Ola Yoke!

This is my version of a traditional Shetland yoke jumper, as you probably know these are my favourite thing to make and wear, I probably own about 20 vintage/charity shop versions but many of them suffer from the same problem – extremely high necks! Shetland is a chilly place I know, but some of them come up just a bit too high for me so the Ola Yoke is my take on this kind of pattern.

I have worked in a lower neckline, raglan shaping before the yoke and short rows to raise the back of the neck slightly, I think this has all worked out really well and I am so happy with the final jumper. I have graded the pattern in sizes 32″ up to 48″ and the pattern has been technically edited, the jumper is knit in the round from the bottom up and the yoke decreases are all cleverly hidden in the pattern around the trees – one of the reasons why I think they sit so well on the shoulders. I used Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight for my jumper (aka my soulmate in yarn) and for the main colour I chose shade 81 – a beautiful Charcoal Grey, I was inspired by vintage knitwear and colour choices in the yoke and I decided to try keeping the background colour the same throughout the Jumper, I think this has  worked as the colours and motif of the yoke really stand out.

So if you would like to knit your own Ola Yoke you can now purchase it in my Ravelry shop here, happy knitting!

thank you to my pal Vivian for taking the pictures, we took them down at the Sletts in Lerwick, one of my favourite places in the toon.

22 thoughts on “ola yoke

  1. Fabulous. Love the name, love the yoke, love the neckline, love the pictures. I have a body with a steek in 1403 and it is going to become Ola with a button back.

  2. Love the lower neckline! I love yoke sweaters but the necks are usually too high for comfort for me, so this is perfect. Did you hand knit the body or use a machine?

    1. Thank you! For the sample I machine knit the body and sleeves and hand knit the yoke but the pattern is for hand knit, although its quite simple to change it for machine knitting if you want :)

    1. Thanks Ruth, i just finished a cardigan and was reminded how much I hate knitting button bands, haha! but im sure i will do a cardigan pattern someday!

  3. I adore this Ella, it’s definitely going in my queue! Your best colour combination ever, and that’s saying something – it reminds me of sunset on a wintery day, where you have the fiery sunset against the pale translucent blue you only see in cold, clear conditions; and it’s set off to perfection by the charcoal. Just perfect.

  4. It’s beautiful, Ella! I’ve often thought that a lower neck would be nice ~ so yea! It’s just perfect! And I love the colors :-)

  5. Thank you Ella; am very inspired to knit this, especially as we can now get Jamieson & Smith 2ply in Melbourne (YEAH!) and I can really see at the colours. Trouble is, there are so many that tempt. Do you have any suggestions if the body colour was paler? There is a tealy blue that jumped out at me but I’m not sure how the yoke would stand out agains it. Many thanks.

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