shetland wool week annual


I mentioned in my last post that I had two patterns in the wonderful Shetland Wool Week Annual, now that Wool Week is nearly upon us I thought I would share some pictures of my two patterns.


My first offering is my Rof hat, the motif is inspired by the roof’s on Crofthouses, you might recognise it if you have one of my Crofthouse Cushions, I love the simple but effective repeat of it and I was really pleased with how it came out!


Of course it is topped with a nice pompom (you know I love a good pom pom!!) I knit the sample in Jamieson & Smith Shetland Chunky which is a lovely worsted spun heavyweight aran, I chose the naturally inspired Dumba and Kirn Mylk but it would look equally nice in any of the shades.I also fancy knitting myself a version using Alafoss Lopi, or even Brooklyn Tweed’s brand new yarn Quarry which I treated myself to a few skeins last week.


My other pattern is another piece of headwear, the Muli headband!


I finished this pattern right after I got back from Iceland in May and I was inspired by some of the motif’s I saw at the Textile Museum there, although you find this kind of motif in Shetland knitting I find there to be quite a Scandinavian look about it!


I knit the headband using two strands of J&S 2ply Jumper Weight held double for a light aran/DK weight. I did a subtlety shaded version using 5 colours and also a 3 colour version. I think it came out really nice and I love how the different colour schemes work.


If you cant make it to Shetland for Shetland Wool Week I urge you to order a copy of the Annual, (available here) as well as patterns from Gudrun Johnston, Outi Kater and Donna Smith to name a few there are also brilliant articles from Laurie Goodlad, Kate Davies and Shetland Museum Head of Textiles Carole Christiansen.


As well as working hard during Wool Week I am also doing a talk on Collecting Vintage Knitwear with my friend Kate Davies, I am feeling much more confident about this after going to meet a tour group on Saturday night to show them some of my collection. Its funny how easy it is to speak about the things you love! I cant believe Wool Week starts in just a few days, I started working at Jamieson & Smith at the second Wool Week and its been amazing to watch it grow bigger and bigger every year. I’m sure you can understand I will be a bit busy over the next week or so but I will be back as soon as I can to fill you in on my view of Wool Week as a Shetlander! (I will be blogging over at Jamieson & Smith throughout the week)

Til then, happy knitting! xxxx

8 thoughts on “shetland wool week annual

  1. Love both these patterns Ella and have already knit and worn the Muli headband since receiving my copy of the Shetland Wool Week Annual at the weekend (posted pic on Instagram as janeyd1) am going to knit the hat next! Hope everything goes well for you all during Wool Week.

  2. Hey Ella,

    I can hardly wait for my Wool Week Annual to fly into my Post. It’s hard to wait, when ya know there are good things coming!! A few weeks past I received a bit of happy e-mail reminding me of wool week and spent the next 5 hours hopping around all the Shops and Museums that had websites. That is the rotten thing about “Wool Week”, I’m here in North Carolina and all the FUN! is happening in Shetland!! With all the Pictures you and Kate so kindly share, I’m convinced that A small cottage in a Meadow near the water in Scotland would be the perfect place to unroll our bed rolls and tuck into knitting. Augh, Dreams, what would we do without them? The Patterns ya so kindly shared are Wonderful compensation! The Headbands Colorwork is so different, it’s like having 2 completely Different Patterns and combinations are flying through my mind. I have One Question, Do You Have Any Special Tricks You Use For Making Such Spectacular Pom Poms ?
    Thanks for Taking Us With You On Such Wonderful Adventures!!!

  3. i thoroughly enjoyed your class. it was wonderful seeing you, kate, and felix in action. thank you very much. i streamed it online here on the east coast of USA.

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