radio shetland wool week programme

I’m just popping in in between my Craft Fair preparations to share with you the link to a Radio programme I was involved with alongside my Auntie who works at Radio Shetland. Its all about Shetland Wool Week and if you were here in Shetland you will hear a lot of familiar voices (Hazel Tindall, Donna Smith, Oliver Henry, Kate Davies, Misa Hay and Selina Miller to name a few!) and if you weren’t here I hope it gives you taste for Shetland Wool Week!

1 week to go til the Craft Fair! ill be back after that….


7 thoughts on “radio shetland wool week programme

  1. It was so much fun to listen to this! Thanks so much for posting it, Ella. Good luck at the crafts fair.

  2. Will listen later, thanks for the link Ella. Hope you get time for the preparations for the craft fair without too much life getting in the way.

  3. that was great. Nice to put a voice to the face…your’s and Kate’s! I listened whilst I finished spinning my Ryeland, wearing my Shetland hap, cool in the house so it is perfect. It really is my bed hap, love reading in bed. Thanks again for posting that.

  4. Thank you so much! It is a dream of mine to attend a Shetland Wool Week. Listening to the lyrical Scot’s accent warmed my heart…

  5. I listened to this broadcast in its entirety and enjoyed it very much. Because of the broadcast I introduced a friend’s daughter to knitting and at the time wished there was something available along the lines of kids teaching kids to knit. These talented young girls could perhaps make a video series? :) I know: FUNDING. But if it could happen, young people teaching other young people with similar language, hand size and understanding I think may be a winner in many ways. Heck, I’D like to learn from those girls!

    On a different subject, you recently helped to sort out my jumper board order and I just blocked my first item last night. “Fittingly” it was a vintage yoke jumper discovered at a charity shop. Your praises were being silently sung as I went through the process. Thank you for all your assistance. :)

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