hello, sorry for my blog silence, we are in the depths of winter in Shetland now which means dark mornings, dark nights, wind and rain.. very uninspiring!

I had a successful craft fair, I had lots of stock so in that sense I was very organised this year but that came at the cost of feeling very tired and run down afterwards.. I was pleased with my stand and how it went though


Because I was so organised I actually ended up with some stock left over, so this past tuesday and this tuesday coming I’m selling the last of my stock here. I will post them all on thursday so if you order one it should get to you by Christmas!

On the handknitting side of things i am starting to get excited for Christmas knitting.. no not gifts.. the knitting I will do over Christmas.. haha! I did recently finish a hat by Gudrun Johnson, it was the Northdale pattern


I bought the yarn at the Makers Market at Wool Week, it is undyed yarn from Fair Isle, described as a light aran weight it worked well for this pattern that called for DK, if anything it came out a bit big but thats ok! I need a warm hat just now.. I used the shades Fawn, Moorit and Shetland Black and i think it came out lovely, you can buy the yarn here. In relation to my big winter project I am making good progress on my Flowerpot Coat by Helene Magnusson, I saw this version in real life at Wool Week and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had lots of Alafoss Lopi left over after my Icelandic Jumper and of course bought a bit more..


I have finished one front and begun the back. Icelandic Intarsia is one of Helene’s specialities and it is actually very simple and although there are lots of balls of yarn flying about.. its still relaxing! So I hope to have that to show you soon.


I also had something exciting happen a few weeks ago, I actually won the grand prize of the Fringe and Friends KAL with my Crofthoose Vest. The KAL was hosted by Karen Templer at Fringe Association who’s blog I just love, anyway the prize was a voucher for karens online shop Fringe Supply Co, so I took the opportunity to get all the lovely knitterly things I lust over like the High Fiber Tote and lots more.. I didnt knit my vest with any thinking of winning anything, if fact I didnt even realise there was prizes up for grabs so that was a lovely surprise.

Hopefully as things wind down for the year ill have a bit more inspiration and blogging feels, its just a dark and cold time just now, outside and in my head but I hope to be back soon.. xxx

9 thoughts on “winter

  1. I hear you with the dark miserable days! I’m an ex-pat Scot living in the Yukon, Canada. My afternoons are homemade scones, preserves from the summer, hot tea and my Lopi sweater knitting for family, and now increasingly friend requests. It’ll keep me busy for sure!

  2. Your flower pot coat already looks amazing. Don’t feel down. I am always so happy to read your blog and I am fond of Hélène’s projects too. Congratulations on your KAL prize!
    Love from not so stormy Belgium.

  3. Hi Ella, I am so glad to have your blog again and I do love your croft house cushions. I would like to order one in any colour but white or cream would be first my first selection if you have it. Let me know and I can have it sent to a firend in Wales if that is easier for you than sending it to California. I also have some pounds in cash so payment will be simple. I am starting to knit the black cobweb into a shawl. I remember buying it from you and now I understand why no one encouraged me to start with black. I am counting very carefully in the hopes of reducing the errors……. Best wishes to you Ella for Christmas and for the new year. Gail Roche

    1. Gail, I did reply to your original email months ago but obviously you never got it! I will be making them again in the New Year so just email me xxxx

  4. Dear Ella, Congratulations on your prize winning vest. I thought at the time that it was a lovely, authentic adaptation; you made it your own and it deserved to win!
    Lopi is one of my favorite yarns, but I haven’t tried intarsia with it.
    And welcome back, it’s always a pleasure to check in here for a new post.
    Marilyn from Minneapolis, MN USA

  5. I did see that you won and when I first looked at it I thought……..hey, that looks familiar :) Congrats. And you just ‘made’ me buy the Northdale hat pattern!! Thanks. I think.

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