purple jumper


If you know me, you know I never wear or knit with purple. Like never ever. I will wear pretty much every colour (except pink)… Well here I am showing you a purple jumper I just finished knitting that I’ve worn twice since I did. Its a Christmas miracle.


Basically we know I am an ebay fiend and not only do I buy knitwear from there I also keep an eye out for yarn. So one day I saw 9 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed shelter in Thistle, a yarn I like and have only bought single skeins – never enough for a substantial project to really try it out. So evidently, I won the yarn for a bargain price.


And I came and I thought, what the hell am I going to make? I decided upon flax by tin can knits minus the garter stitch panels. I actually really like the colour, you can see from the picture above that its a purple filled with lots of different colours, there’s hints of blue,red and white in it which makes it much more palatable to me. The pattern is knit top down which is fine but by the time I get to that second sleeve I’m usually pretty fed up turning the whole thing around every row but I knew since this colour was an unusual choice for me I wanted a simple jumper to go with it. Of course that meant i got pretty bored and its taken me a lot longer to finish it than I hoped but never mind, i have now!


I really like the yarn but I’ve found that for my ribs I have to go waaaaay down in needle size or else the rib goes pretty slack after its washed. I think I’ve also found my favourite cast off – this one if your interested. Of course my sleeves could be a bit longer but what’s new? I am a lazy sleeve knitter. The yarn is full of little twiggy bits, which is annoying but not a deal breaker for me, it has a lovely texture when its knitted and I’ve decided thats on me.. I don’t mind purple. Sometimes.


I might be back before christmas but if not have a peaceful and safe festive..

Ella x

ps. I also had an email that the ‘my story’ bbc radio programme I was featured on earlier in the year will be on again at 8.30am on boxing day on Radio Scotland so tune in if you can!

11 thoughts on “purple jumper

  1. This is a lovely, heathered purple! I’ve heard rave reviews about this yarn that I have yet to try. The color is terrific on you. This jumper’d be cute too with a chambray button up and a statement necklace.

  2. lovely ,looks good. Thank you for you blog, I always look forward to reading them. Happy Christmas and may the sun shine for you xxx

  3. That is the perfect pattern, very understated and the yarn (which I love) suits it. I did hear that BBC programme but will listen again! Thanks.

  4. I love purple but like you avoid pink unless it is fuchsia or really strong coloured. I also think you look great in purple. Perhaps you had a bad purple experience early in life?

  5. It’s a lovely sweater! I hope you had a merry holiday!
    (When working a top-down sweater I work the sleeves first, then tuck them in the yoke and finish the body. It’s a little easier to move around the needles.)

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