hellooo, i’m sorry for the silence over here the past little while, after new year I had two infections then it was Up Helly Aa (aka one of my fave days) then I had a horrendous flu. It was a pain, anyway I’m back in the game now and doing lots of exciting things, most of which is secret but I do have a finished thing to show you, my flowerpot cardigan!!


At wool week I saw one of my ravelry friends at J&S wearing her version of this cardigan (see it here) and it looked so cosy and warm that I immediately wanted to make it. The pattern is called Flowerpot and it is designed by Helene Magnusson, who I went to Iceland with last year. This pattern is inspired by the shoe inserts which I saw at the textile museum and it is knit by using Icelandic intarsia.


I really enjoyed learning how to do it and I love the look of garter stitch so this kind of next level garter stitch is right up my street! I found it quite relaxing and since you were only knitting with one colour at a time it was really good for knitting on while watching tv or doing something else. Most of the hand knitting I do is Fair Isle so you have to be paying a bit of attention, this was surprisingly mindless. I used the yarn called for in the pattern, which is Alafoss Lopi and I used I think all the greys they make expect maybe one!


Although its taken me a few months to finish this it actually could be knit pretty quick if you were monogamous and worked on it a bit everyday, i always have too much floating around in my brain for that.. Its still pretty chilly in Shetland so I am very glad to get this finished and worn!

Hopefully be back with more posts shortly, lots of exciting things coming soon..

ella xx

11 thoughts on “flowerpot

  1. I must say the term Flowerpot doesn’t do it justice. I didn’t know what to expect. I like your choice of the greys and I’ll bet it is toasty!!

  2. Do you find the Flowerpot comfortable to wear? It just seems to me to be so oversized & the sleeves oddly positioned that it might be impractical except to pose standing still. It is certainly dramatic, like many of Helene’s patterns.

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