lighthouse pullover


For reasons that will become clear at some point soon I’m still thinking about yoke jumpers a lot, they are probably my favourite thing to knit and to look at for inspiration. Although I have had a busy few weeks and it doesn’t feel like I’ve done much knitting but over the past week or so somehow I finished a project I started ages ago..


This pattern is the Lighthouse Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge, its from her newest book Swoon Maine and I fell in love with it when I saw it. I love the grey colourway on the adult model but my natural inclination is always to go grey so I ended up being more inspired by the bairns version – of course grey was still my main colour BUT I tried to go a bit different with my yoke colours.


I actually knit the body and one sleeve on my chunky machine in November when the pattern came out but somehow I didn’t get around to knitting the other sleeve until a week or so ago and once I did that I joined it all together and knit the yoke in one day.



I also went for the yarn used in the pattern, Quince & Co Lark. I used Lark in my Riddari yoke and really liked it so I thought I’d go for the whole garment in this yarn. I’m used to very woolly wool like Shetland yarn and although this is 100% wool it is really soft and very nice to knit with. I went for the shade Kittywake for the main shade and Apricot,Honey and Iceland for the contrast colours. I love how easy but effective the yoke is and I really like the overall effect!


I’m really happy with my lighthouse pullover. :)

Happy Knitting xx

Ravelled here

PS.. I had a great week last week meeting up with Kate on her travels researching for her new book, read her post about her visit on her blog here. Sometimes experiencing things with someone not from Shetland can help you appreciate it a new way and I’m still feeling very inspired!

9 thoughts on “lighthouse pullover

  1. I really admire your yoke collection! I also really love how your machine and hand knit stockinette are perfectly even! I can never match it myself! I guess I should practice and practice! Thank you for inspiration!

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