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Last night was such a beautiful night so I took the opportunity and got Mam to photograph my jumper so I could finish off the pattern for my Crofthoose Yoke! I’ve knit three samples of this pattern and I think this version is my favourite – it fits in so well in the Shetland landscape. The pattern has charts for all three I’ve made and a blank one for you to colour in your own colour scheme.


IMG_8180 IMG_8148

Inspired by my Crofthoose Hat I had the feeling this motif would work great on a Shetland yoke and it does! I’ve done some subtle raglan shaping which makes the yoke a bit lower than a traditional one with short rows on the back above the yoke to raise it higher. It was a bit fiddly to find a way to get the motif to line up in the way I wanted but I’m so happy to have the pattern ready and available,  if you’d like to purchase a copy of the pattern you can do so here! The pattern is available in sizes 32″ up to a 42″ and has been fully technically edited, this is my first foray into multi sized pattern and I’m very excited to have it out..



Happy Knitting xx


30 thoughts on “crofthoose yoke

  1. This is gorgeous Ella. I love the red version – it is like a sunrise which creeps up the yoke and lights up the wearers face. The crofthooses are a delightful surprise too. From distance, the yoke looks like a lovely almost Bohus style gradient of stripes. And then when you zoom in, you see the wee crofthooses. Fabulous work.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the colourway – it’s absolutely beautiful. :) I’ve been so happy to see lots of Crofthoose hats being knitted in my new Ravelry group too.

  3. Oh Ella This is truly lovely. I just love it and real hope to knit the jumper at sometime Just fabulous ! All best wishes Jean

  4. This is so lovely Ella. I particularly like the colour way that you’re wearing. Looks stunning in the landscape.
    Counting down the time to get there again!

    1. My question too, Ellen. It’s absolutely beautiful but I haven’t yet done colourwork so I’m not sure if it’s too advanced for me.

      1. If you have never done colour work before I would say to knit a Crofthoose hat, the pattern is free and will get the motif in your head. I hope my instructions are clear so I’m sure you would be fine! :)

        1. Oh, Ella! What a great idea! I’ll let you know how it goes and, by the way, I’m so sorry that I called you Ellen in my last message – I know your name is Ella, but I have no idea why I typed Ellen!! Have a lovely day! :-)

  5. Desperately seeking knitting machine pattern … happy to hand knit the yolk but would want to machine knit the body. Do you ever publish your machine patterns? There’s such a gap in the market for really nice machine patterns.

  6. The sweater is beautiful. I was hoping that was what you were working on since I saw the picture of you at the EYF. I am going to Shetland in August and will pick out wool for this sweater.

  7. Congrats on the new pattern, Ella. I bought it yesterday & have already begun knitting the body. Love the views of Shetland which I’ll be thinking of as I knit & plan my own colors for the yoke.

  8. What a wonderful fun yoke! Cute as can be and I find the colors very interesting in this design. Some colors really show the croft houses well others the houses get lost. Wonderful work!

  9. Fabulous and of course I Bought it!!! Thank you very much. I agree with your choice of colours even though I Love GREEN :)

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  11. Congratulations at the popularity of your Croft Hoose Theme….from pillows~to hat~to jumper! I agree that your favourite colours for the jumper do blend so perfectly into the Shetland landscape. Excluding the thousands of Croft Hoose Hats being knit up madly as we speak; you may well see quite a few jumpers walking aboot during SWW as well! A very lovely jumper indeed!

      1. I haven’t knitted a colorwork yoke jumper before, not even a bottom up. It’s on my list this year 🙃. I love your little houses. They are SO cute and I feel they represent diversity culturally and how one lives.

  12. I love your new Crofthoose yoke design almost as much as your ‘Cowichan’ inspired Crofthoose sweater!!! So wise of you to take your trademark & develop it into such fun designs!!!

  13. Congratulations on a lovely pattern. Do you think that you would do a kids version? I think it would really appeal to children. I can see my 7 year old girl in one, maybe with short sleeves though (doesn’t need washing so often that way!). bx

    1. Hi Becky, yes I am actually currently working on a child’s version! It doesn’t have short sleeves but that’s actually a great idea! I’ve already done a sample but might do another with short sleeves :) xx

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