working through the lockdown

Hello everyone, how are you all? sorry for my radio silence over the past while – life has been happening and then, of course, recently coronavirus has totally changed everyone’s lives. I’m still able to be at work a few mornings a week and do some work from home, understandably wool and knitting seem to be one of those things people are finding comfort in and using to pass the time… myself included!

According to my Ravelry, I started my Carraig Fhada designed by Kate Davies in January 2017, I did one repeat of the chart and then I think I started panicking that my motifs weren’t centred and I wasn’t sure how to fix it so I stuck it in the corner… well three years later I was looking for things to work on during our state-sanctioned lockdown and I thought I could try and finish it! I still love the colours I chose from the Buachaille wool – the main shades are the natural colours Squall and Haar (which you can still buy) and Macallum (red), Hedder (pink), Furze (yellow) and Highland Coo (orange). The dyed shades are now discontinued but the wool is really nice, I don’t often knit with DK but I can see why people do!

If I had worked on it one day a year for the past three years I would have finished it at the same time, haha! but I’m not complaining as it did give me something to focus on. I went slightly off pattern while I was knitting as I wanted a cropped version and I wanted a narrower shoulder section than my pattern would have given me. The photo above shows it before I’d steeked the neck and shoulders, you have no idea at this stage if what your doing has worked or if it will fit!

But luckily it did and I love it! it fits perfectly and is so bright and cheery. Not that anyone except my boyfriend and the cat will see it..

I don’t know if you are interested in seeing what I’m making? I’m taking a break from designing at the moment, for a number of reasons. I didn’t realise how much I tied designing to blogging here although I used to blog the whole time before I started doing patterns..  there is a freedom to knitting other peoples patterns or just knitting for yourself and I did lose that for a while. Social Media, in general, can lead you to compare yourself to others and that can be and has been a negative thing for me. Basically, as the world is imploding I have just felt quite quiet? But during this lockdown I want to try and knit up some of the endless stash so if you are interested in seeing it I will post about it, let me know xx

53 thoughts on “working through the lockdown

  1. Why YES! Hi Ella, So enjoy your posts and patterns… and hearing about what you are knitting. Gives me inspiration to get knitting. Having a hard time knitting during this shut down stuff, which makes no sense at all. Thank you! :-)

  2. I love the color palette you chose for your Carriag Fhada – it is so joyful I can imagine how uplifting it would be to knit. I contacted Kate Davies Designs and unfortunately the Buachaille yarn is only available in natural colors now. Any chance you could list J&S colors that would provide the same palette? I looked but can only compare on the computer and come up with Oyster 131 for Squall; Winter White 200 for Haar; Tudor 374 for Macallum; Rosewood 340 for Hedder; Gorse Flower 902 for Furze; and Orange Peel 2204 for Highland Coo but I don’t have a color card (yet) and don’t have any reference for the Buachaille colors you used.

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