working through the lockdown

Hello everyone, how are you all? sorry for my radio silence over the past while – life has been happening and then, of course, recently coronavirus has totally changed everyone’s lives. I’m still able to be at work a few mornings a week and do some work from home, understandably wool and knitting seem to be one of those things people are finding comfort in and using to pass the time… myself included!

According to my Ravelry, I started my Carraig Fhada designed by Kate Davies in January 2017, I did one repeat of the chart and then I think I started panicking that my motifs weren’t centred and I wasn’t sure how to fix it so I stuck it in the corner… well three years later I was looking for things to work on during our state-sanctioned lockdown and I thought I could try and finish it! I still love the colours I chose from the Buachaille wool – the main shades are the natural colours Squall and Haar (which you can still buy) and Macallum (red), Hedder (pink), Furze (yellow) and Highland Coo (orange). The dyed shades are now discontinued but the wool is really nice, I don’t often knit with DK but I can see why people do!

If I had worked on it one day a year for the past three years I would have finished it at the same time, haha! but I’m not complaining as it did give me something to focus on. I went slightly off pattern while I was knitting as I wanted a cropped version and I wanted a narrower shoulder section than my pattern would have given me. The photo above shows it before I’d steeked the neck and shoulders, you have no idea at this stage if what your doing has worked or if it will fit!

But luckily it did and I love it! it fits perfectly and is so bright and cheery. Not that anyone except my boyfriend and the cat will see it..

I don’t know if you are interested in seeing what I’m making? I’m taking a break from designing at the moment, for a number of reasons. I didn’t realise how much I tied designing to blogging here although I used to blog the whole time before I started doing patterns..  there is a freedom to knitting other peoples patterns or just knitting for yourself and I did lose that for a while. Social Media, in general, can lead you to compare yourself to others and that can be and has been a negative thing for me. Basically, as the world is imploding I have just felt quite quiet? But during this lockdown I want to try and knit up some of the endless stash so if you are interested in seeing it I will post about it, let me know xx

53 thoughts on “working through the lockdown

  1. I would LOVE to hear about, and see what you are knitting on! I have greatly missed your blog posts! Hearing from knitters in other parts of the world, makes me feel connected….all of us are just stuck at home, knitting, and trying to keep our spirits up.

  2. I’m definitely interested in seeing what you’re making Ella! And we have lots of your beautiful designs to keep us going while you take a break. Love your vest and the summery colours.

  3. Dear Ella,

    I know what you mean about the corrosive power of social media sometimes. So glad you’re taking a break–and I have to say, your vest is such a cheerful thing! Waving to you from Nashville–I am going to get to Shetland someday, I absolutely must get there! x0x0

  4. Great to hear from you again. Glad you’ve found your knitting mojo again.
    Always love hearing about your stash. For a start it makes me feel less guilty about mine!

  5. So great to hear your voice again!!! Would just simply love to hear about anything you wish to share…. Here’s to … no pressure ❤️

  6. Of course I want to see want you are working on!
    The vest is lovely.Doesn’t it feel get to finish an old project?

  7. Love to see what you are knitting Ella I’ve liked all of your patterns but like you this is the time to use up our stash then when it is over we can have a wonderful spend on new yarn stay safe up there xx


  8. Yes, please, keep sharing what you’re knitting. This is just the sort of connection we all need right now. Your cheery vest has brightened a dull day in Calgary.

  9. Hello from Vancouver Island!
    Yes, I would love see your knitting projects.
    Perhaps too you might point out, as you did
    for the vest, any modifications you may have made.
    Keep well!

  10. Yes please, I’d love to share in what you’re knitting. Please don’t put yourself under any pressure though. Sending you very best wishes, Pam

  11. Of course, I want to see what you’re knitting and how you’re spending time ‘social distancing.’
    I love your new sleeveless jumper!

  12. Of course I’d love to see what you’re knitting and how you’re spending your isolation.
    Love your new sleeveless jumper!

  13. I have missed you. So lovely to hear from you again. Don’t put yourself under any pressure to post. We will always be eager to know what you are up to but only if it doesn’t turn into a chore for you.

  14. It is interesting to know what is on your needles…I like what you do and perhaps if I check my cupboard very carefully I might find some things I would enjoy finishing…You matter to many of us so let us hear from you when you feel like it.

  15. Ella,
    It would be great to see what you’re knitting and working on. I have missed your blog posts! Reading about some of your vintage finds would be a treat also.
    I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to knit anything other than super simple projects. My brain is scrambled much of the time. Maybe it’s all the hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes. Take care.

  16. Love everything about your post! “Quite quiet” is a interesting description and resonates with me. Please continue your blogs. 😘🧶

  17. Please continue to show us what you are knitting! I was so happy to see your blog newsletter in my email today! I think many of us feel as you do about social media…..anyway, I love seeing what you are knitting and I can dream about knitting something so beautiful one day. :)

  18. Adding my kudos to the above, Ella! It is inspiring to see your work whether your designs or others, and encouraging me to one day jump into the ‘fair isle’ pond again :) So keep posting please and send that comparison robber out the door!

  19. Dear Ella, yes, I’d love to hear whatever you care to share — I’ve missed you! It’s wonderful to have a little window into another part of the world, and your world is much more beautiful that what I see out my window :-) Thank you for sharing! Cam

  20. Always interested in what you’re doing, whether it’s designing, knitting, or writing about Shetland textiles. A bit too warm here today but have worn my Hap Cowl pretty much every day since finishing it – so glad to have this souvenir of Shetland.

  21. Oh please show us what you are knitting!!!! I love seeing everyone’s colour choices and learn from it all. This teaches knitters who are new to fair isle a lot about what colours to choose and techniques used. Thankyou. 🤗

  22. Hello nice to hear from you…I always expect a quietness from you over the winter months..I know winter does that to you and I certainly have SADS, and feel the same way

    Interesting how we can go along in a certain direction then it dawns and you say woo, stop, and search for what you want and where you want to be

    I play with simple things on my own without patterns, gloves, socks cowls etc..if anyone asks me to knit for them I say no…I do knit for gifts for my family or best friends but on my terms..if I don’t like what I do I stop, so there is only my expectations , no one else’s

    There is something so soothing to sit down with a good pattern and yarn you love and just knit

    I see the pattern world has become so competitive , and frankly , now I feel there is too much out there

    So, self sooth, knit what you want and show us what you are doing

    My knitting is what I always fall back on in times of stress..this time with the virus is the most stress in my life time

    Be kind to yourself, stay well…best wishes..pat j

    Sent from my iPad


  23. Please do! In Lockdown Land I’d much rather see the texture of people’s lives than the glossy Instagram-style approach that all too often becomes too much like marketing. (Which is not to say that I don’t love seeing your new designs, of course.) Please keep well, be gentle on yourselves, and show us the wonders of your stash. xxx

  24. Thank you Ella. I have always been inspired by your Blog and most enjoyable reading. Please keep blogging :)

  25. Yes please, Ella – I’d love to see what you’re knitting. And some shots from your daily exercise if that would be OK – Shetland wool and Shetland landscape sound just the antidote to lockdown stresses. xx

  26. I so agree Ella! I can’t look at any ceramics (what I make) on Instagram without a knot in my stomach. But knitting! Lovely. So I would like to see what you are knitting, or any of your previous knits, or even any new patterns you like! PS I am also loving sashiko, used for mending, my jeans were on the ‘throw’ pile – too eatty even for a charity shop, but no longer!

  27. So happy you’ve resurfaced, Ella! I would love to see what you’ve been knitting. Your sense of shading is inspiring.

  28. I’m definitely very interested to see what you are knitting! I love your design posts of course but the knitting posts are just as much fun and your notes about construction or adapting a pattern are v. interesting. And photos even just of the view outside your window are a great vicarious pleasure. We are locked down in the city right now so it’s lovely to see a view of open spaces!

  29. YES — please share what you are working on – you are frequently an inspiration as well as “prodder” to keep on keeping on!!! I love seeing your insights and your beautiful environment. Lerwick was a destination trip for me several years ago and I almost ran down a bagpiper trying to get to the store! THANK YOU!!!!

  30. I’d love to hear what you are working on whether it’s your own design or from another designer. I love your work Ella – you give me inspiration thank you! X

  31. Would be great to see what you’re working on. I was supposed to go on honeymoon to Shetland at the end of this month, obviously that’s cancelled now but I’d appreciate being able to experience some Shetland views/weather ‘virtually’ through this blog if possible!

  32. Would love to see what you are up to, and no pressure to churn out patterns! I appreciate seeing a little snippet of life up there, it is relaxing for us southerners xx

  33. Thanks for posting! I’ve missed your updates! Your vest it terrific; it made me want to try to make one for myself. Comparing oneself is a fool’s errand, and I’m glad you’re trying to avoid that. People around the world appreciate you and your designs. I hope you know that.

  34. Joining the other commenters to say that I love reading your posts, and would enjoy hearing about what you are knitting, whatever it is. That Carraig Fhada is wonderful!

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