winter knitting video

Hello! I thought it was time for another video, apologies about the lighting and shadows but it’s winter now in Shetland and the show must go on! I hope you enjoy it :)

things mentioned:


Crofhoose Vest

Adelaide Yoke Pullover


Knitting From the North

Big Book of Mittens

Knitted Cable Sourcebook

Westknits Bestknits

A Shetlanders Fair Isle Graph Book

Gentle Knitter Podcast

Charm of It Podcast


17 thoughts on “winter knitting video

  1. I loved your video-show, or whatever it’s called. Do please, please, work that vest pattern into something you can publish.

    With all best wishes


  2. I sat knitting as you nattered on, looking up your book list as you chatted, my youngest son saw me, asked if I would like one for chrimbly – yes please! Nice one Ella, thanks :)

  3. Love the Vlog Ella. I feel that you have been looking over my shoulder lately because I agree with every single word you said. I have about a quarter of the amount of merino speckled yarn that you have, but it’s still nagging me. Yes, yes, please come up with something non-crazy to use it on. I ordered Woolens on Sunday because my 2016 knitting resolution was to knit more cables and I haven’t even started. I feel the same as you do about them and I will start with a hat.
    I think the vest idea is really interesting. I’ve knit all kinds of intricate and exotic items, but the garment I wear most is my Northmavine hoody, which is simple and zippered. I suspect this vest might fall into the same category. You don’t think you need it until you’ve made it and then you don’t know how you managed without it. The coloured pics in your Japanese book were quite inspiring. G’wan – give it a go.

  4. Hi, Ella. Thanks for the inspiring vlog. I ordered some Japanese knitting books today. Good luck with your selfish winter knitting! I can’t wait to see the finished object in Quince’s puffin yarn.

  5. Hi Ella! really enjoyed your video. I also did Karen Templer’s Cowichan Vest KAL and really had fun with that (also LOVE my vest!). It would be AWESOME if you would take special care as you design another and get a pattern out for us non-designer types! Look forward to your next video – happy knitting to you!

  6. Hi Ella, I enjoyed your vlog. Re the honeycomb pattern, there is a honeycomb brioche for hand-knitting that looks pretty identical. You can find out how on YouTube I’m sure or in Nancy Marchent’s first brioche book (that is if you’re interested.
    Regarding the croft hoose vest I was wondering where you stand on publishing a design that would be only slightly different from an existing design published in another language. Is changing the teepee motif enough of a difference to make it your own? I’m not trying to diminish your work – I’m just wondering where the line is? Or would you ask permission of the Japanese publisher or credit them? It just occurred to me after the baable cowl debacle that this is a sensitive issue.
    Best wishes, Imke

    1. Hi Imke, thanks for your comment, regarding the vest – I know what you mean, I would like to make a couple – another one much like my first one but a bit different to try out the chunky and then to make a completely new design that I could use for a pattern so I won’t be using the exact charts from the Japanese book. For the honeycomb cardigan I want to make it on the machine to help me with my skills on that, thanks 😊 Ella xx

  7. Love the vlog. Also the vest is great. I don’t know how to do fair isle (yet), but would be interested in making a plain version, maybe with some stripes, if you turn it into a pattern.

  8. Ella I just love listening to you! I admire the fact that you are trying to use up your stash. Inspirational for us all! I too would love to make that crofthoose vest if you get to it…Please keep making these videos.

  9. Love your Winter Knitting Video. You need to do more of them, but I do know they take up a lot of your (your knitting) time. On the crofhoose vest are you planning on lining it or just keeping it as is? I love it and want to make one myself. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I loved watching your video, especially the process you go through picking out patterns and colorways. I would be very interested in an updated copy of your cowichan-inspired, crofthoose infused vest pattern! I, too, love vests in the winter and I can’t believe I haven’t knit one yet! This would be a great first vest pattern (but I would probably steek it. No fairisle purling!) Thanks for the updates, Ella!

  11. NO more buying yarn until next March………UNLESS it is this or that…I Had to laugh! Love your new pile of books. Nice listening to you. Cheers!

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