sumburgh head

Hello, everyone! thank you for the feedback about my latest design, there are a couple of projects on Ravelry already and it was on the front page of patterns for a few days so that was exciting! Today I’m back with a couple of photos from Sumburgh Head. On Thursday night it was a lovely sunny evening so me and Peter headed down to see if we could find any puffins!

Sumburgh Head is at the very bottom on the mainland of Shetland and at this time of year there are a lot of birds there – puffins included. The sun was shining and although it was nearly 8pm when we got there it was still nice and warm (shock horror) the light was so nice and the top of the cliffs were covered in sea pinks.

But of course what we were really keeping an eye out for was puffins! they are pretty small so although we could see some flying around it was hard to get a picture of them, eventually though we caught a few near to the top of the cliffs. I got a few snaps of this one before it took off..

But we kept looking and found another one..

*itch itch*

They are extremely cute, my dad has been doing cartoons of puffins – tammie nories – as we call them, for decades and they are funny little things. I was glad to be able to get a couple of good photos of them, it was a very photogenic night though so I got lots of other nice pictures..

And of course when we got back down to the car there were some sheep in the car park!

So on this dreich and rainy Saturday that’s some pictures from my little visit down to Sumburgh, I’m away next week with work to Woolfest so if you are going come and see me and Kharis at the J&S stall. We are driving down to Cumbria so I’m hoping to see some nice scenery on our way down, until then happy knitting! xx


6 thoughts on “sumburgh head

  1. I’m visiting Shetland for the first time in September.. Your photos just made my heart sing. I can’t wait to see those awesome sights for real. And of course, anything related to the knitting traditions. I’ll miss most of Wool Week but I’m hoping there’ll still be lots to see and do. Thx for sharing.

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