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Hello everyone! Sorry for the radio silence over the summer, the weather has been… shock horror….. quite nice in Shetland so I haven’t been doing too much knitting and what I have been doing I can’t really share yet so it’s not very blog worthy! BUT last weekend I did something quite exciting which was going to Red Houss in Burra for a Jewellery workshop!

I spoke to Mike before my workshop and asked if I could make a Crofthoose ring with the motif from my hat and he thought that would be no problem so I sent him the motif and he pre etched it onto the silver. I have one of *I think* Mikes first Fair Isle rings which I got for my 21st and I wear it every day so I knew I would love a crofthoose ring…

Mike had me sawing and filing quickly and I was amazed how quickly the ring began to take shape. I’m not known for my strength (ahem, understatement of the century) so i definitely worked for my jewellery. There are lots of steps and it was a really interesting day. Mikes peerie studio is so nice and Gill made us lovely soup for our lunch so it was a great day oot of the toon for me! Here is one of the finished rings we made, I am delighted with how it came out, the motif is extremely clear and makes me happy every time I look at it.. of course, there’s always something special about a personalised bit of anything but when you helped make it, it is even more special..

We made the Crofthoose Ring in the morning so the afternoon was free to make another ring which I decided to make using some sea pottery I had. I am a bonafide obsessive sea glass/pottery collector and I even have this picture from my Instagram on the day I found it (28/2/16 if you’re interested!)

Anyway, this ring was more fiddly as we had to make the frame for the pottery and then cut it down to fit but again I’m so glad about how it came out.  I love to think that someday this was a plate or something then it lived in the sea for a while and now it’s on my finger.. haha

Here are the two finished pieces from Mikes Instagram, It really was a super day and so good to do something a bit different in Shetland..!

Ill be back soon with some of the other stuff I’ve been up to, mainly walking and judging at shows the past couple of weeks so I have lots of photos to share.. so speak soon! xx

11 thoughts on “redhouss workshop

  1. OHHHHH, the Crofthoose ring is so precious. And the pottery on your finger is such a reminder of how things live on.
    Good job.

  2. Well done. Both pieces are stunning. Do you plan to sell the croft hoose ring? Or are you saving that design for yourself? Love hearing from you. Pam x

  3. Hello Ella…what an interesting post…your rings are great…how fun to try something different…I have saved a bag of beach glass always thinking I might do something with it…are you going to have any croft hose rings made to sell??…glad to share your fun time..pat j

  4. I totally love your crofthoose ring! And isn’t silver work so much fun. Several years back I did quite a bit of silverwork, and although challenging, I really enjoyed it. I do think you have a wonderful idea in the making :-) Have fun!!

  5. Love your ring! I have one of Mike’s silver Shetland sweaters, bought on my last trip to Shetland. Maggie B.

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  6. Wonderful! I love the Crofthoose design, there is so much Shetland in such a simple (don’t get me wrong) block design. You have done this so well. I’m waiting for the Crofthoose wallpaper :)

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