spring video update

Hello everyone, someone on my ravelry group asked me the other day if I was planning on doing a video soon so as I was off a couple of days this week I decided to film something along with my much needed tidying up (as an aside I am NOT ALLOWED to buy any wool for the foreseeable, my stash is seriously out of control!!)

So here’s a little video update for you.. I have been having boring internet/computer issues and I filmed this on Thursday but haven’t been able to get it to upload to youtube til now.. arrgh.

things mentioned:

Houll Hat



Soak Wool Wash

Ram Jam

Fair Isle Designs from Shetland Knitters (my review)



Vintage Shetland Project


Alice Starmore Hebridean 3ply 

One thought on “spring video update

  1. I love your charity shop/Ebay finds. It amazes me that you can find such unusual items, with unusual colours/patterns. I sympathize with trying to restrain oneself from further purchases. My friend and I have been on a yarn diet for 1 year, ending this June. We did make exceptions that any outstanding orders we’d made were honoured. I don’t mind saying that helped heaps…lol. Plus before heading to any wool show with friends, I have a really good look through the wool room to help smother the urge to add to it. I cleaned out my wool room this year… telling my hubby not to get upset when he returned from errands, as there would be a wool explosion in the kitchen. He said ‘OMG do you have anything left to knit with?’ I answered with a cacklin’ laugh and said go look. He returned and said ‘I thought you said there was a ‘hole’ in there???’

    I listed it in my destash on Ravelry and it was easier to do, knowing it was going to fellow yarnies and to help fund a much desired trip to Shetland. My friend and I spoke of how much better it felt to work through the stash this year. I’m trying to work through one bin at a time…as I have it organized by lace, J&S, Rowan, and by designer.

    Thanks for sharing your news…its always lovely to hear your voice and see your smile! Can’t wait to see your new designs in print.

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