hap yoke

Hello everyone, I have a new pattern! Ever since I made my Hap Cowl pattern I have debated about trying to fit the well-known motif from a hap into a yoke. And the Hap Yoke is the result!

if any of you have knit feather and fan you know it very pleasantly stacks on top of itself with no problems as you do your necessary increasing and decreasing. So trying to decrease more than normal – keep holes lined up and make a deep enough motif kept my brain occupied alot.. but a couple of months ago I decided to focus on it and get it all figured out and I did!

As you probably know about me I love working with colour and can get totally distracted with colour schemes so for my first Hap Yoke I decided to stick with one of my colourways from the Hap Cowl pattern. That took all the stress out of choosing colours and I am so pleased with how it looks. It’s very soft but still effective.

One thing I’m very pleased with is my reverse stocking stitch. I wanted to keep the Hap inspiration as obvious as I could but I didn’t want the whole body and sleeves knit in garter stitch – not only would that be tedious but it would mean purling which as we know – I like to avoid. Garter stitch also has the tendency to grow which with essentially three tubes might be quite annoying. So to achieve it you knit the body and sleeves as normal, join, work raglan shaping and plain rows then you turn it outside in and work the yoke on the wrong side! (genius, if I do say so myself)

I knit the sample in the same 2ply Jumper Weight shades used in my Hap Cowl and I’m already scheming another cropped version for wearing with high waisted jeans. You may have noticed in the pictures I also cut my hair! It was getting far too long and I was just putting it up in a ponytail so I decided to chop it and donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust – it has to be over 7.5 inches so I had to go pretty short to get the length but I am getting used to it. We have had some lovely sunny days here lately and it is much lighter on my head!

So you can buy my Hap Yoke pattern on my Ravelry page here, thanks for sticking with me, I hope to post more this summer. happy knitting xx

10 thoughts on “hap yoke

  1. Genius is right! The knitting AND the hair cutting :) My sister does this also with her hair and I applaud you both.

  2. Brilliant yoke pattern, looks like I have found my first jumper knit for next winter. It’s also a great a excuse to try out the 2 ply jumper weight wool. By the way love the new hair style.

  3. This is a stunning design. I love feather and fan but to incorporate it into a yoke is sheer genius! Can’t wait to knit this! Thinking I’ll wait till I’m in Shetland in September to choose colors in person! :)

  4. Hello Ella, Lovely design:) I am enjoying knitting your Ola in two colours. All good things to you.

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