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hello everyone, happy Sunday! thank you for all the nice feedback on my Hap Yoke last week, we have been lucky the past couple of weeks and had some lovely weather in Shetland so i have been taking the opportunity whenever I can to be outside and appreciate it.

I take a lot of photos on my phone when I’m out walking so I thought I’d share a few here. Some photos I take end up on my Instagram but many don’t so I hope you enjoy them.

l: south end of Lerwick r: seapinks at the sletts
l: peerie lamb in yell r: south end
l: the tollbooth r: the flooer park
l: sheep at nesbister r: lerwick pier and the artic seal
l: sheep path at Vatsland r: nesbister
l: more south end r: sheep at Muckle Roe
l: muckle roe beach r: sheep at nesbister
l: at the museum r: hoose at muckle roe
l: ness of sound r: more sheep

let me know if you liked seeing some pictures and I’ll do it more this summer. May was so nice which is always the worry that that’s our summer… I hope not.

speak soon xx

27 thoughts on “may pictures

  1. Thank you for all your lovely pictures, especially the sheep. Glad you’ve had good weather and hope it continues Best wishes Pam

  2. Hello Ella..your pictures are amazing ..I feel like I am there with you…you are so lucky to live in such a place of beauty..pat j

  3. The pictures are wonderful! I can’t imaging living in a place where that is what I see daily. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love your pictures and yes, keep them coming. You have a good eye for composition and balance. Especially like “South End of Lerwick”, “Sheep at Nesbister”, and “Muckle Roe Beach”. Lovely pictures all.

  5. Thank you for the pictures Ella, We’re having a nice warm spring here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as well. Quite dry though. Love the sunshine!


  6. I love seeing these photos and please do keep posting them. I can’t wait to see some of these scenes for myself at the end of the month. Best wishes, Kate

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  7. I’ve been to the Shetland Islands twice and a LOT of my pictures are of sheep! Seeing your pictures reminds of my trips. PLEASE continue posting them.🐏

  8. Love your pictures – inspires me to return and explore more!!!! Someday……….. THANK YOU for sharing!

  9. Oh yes please. More photos. They are stunning and a beautiful start to my day here in London, Ontario, Canada.

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