breiwick beret

Hello everyone, you may have seen something exciting today announced over at Kate Davies instagram ..I was very honoured earlier in the year to be asked to design a hat using Kate’s Milarrochy Tweed yarn for her Milarrochy Heids book, and today my Breiwick Hat was revealed as the first pattern and the cover!!

My main inspiration was vintage Berets but I wanted to create a contemporary version and I hope I was successful. I took elements of my dream beret and put them together into the final design, I have a strong love for shaded diamond patterns often featured in Shetland knitwear (like this vest my Dad had) and the tweed yarn lent itself very well to this kind of design, you can see similar neps of colour throughout the different shades which really tie it all together. I actually used 7 shades and I’m so pleased with how they all work together and the peerie fern motif above and below the shaded main pattern really brightens it up – I love how it looks with the orange top!

The photos are beautiful (thanks tom!) and I love how it was styled, for the crown of the hat I wanted to keep it a little bit simpler and not change the background colour at all so you use all the colours you have used previously in a tonal shaded star. Yum!

Regarding the name – there are a few Breiwicks found in Shetland, but in this context its relating to Breiwick Road, located less than a 5 minute walk from my Mams house in Lerwick. Brei means Wide and Wick means Bay so as you can imagine it represents the wide bay of that area of Lerwick. I have spent my life walking around there and its one of the nicest walks in town that makes me feel a strong connection to the sea.

I was looking at my phone and I saw I have over 100 photos taken in Breiwick Road from the past couple of years, which shows how often I go there and my #faveslettsview on instagram is taken from the wall at the bottom of Breiwick Road. I love tracking the different colours we see in the sky/sea/land from there and there’s something about seeing that Stevenson Lighthouse in Bressay that makes me feel very content.

So if you would like to make a Breiwick Beret you can preorder the Millarrochy Heids book here, Ive seen the list of designers and I’m very excited to see more – I can guarantee this is going to be and amazing book and I’m immeasurably proud to have been featured.

Speak soon x



11 thoughts on “breiwick beret

  1. Congratulations, Ella! On both the gorgeous design and for having it featured in the cover of Kate’s new book. Both the design and the cover photo are stunning! Looking forward to making it when the book is released. Beautiful design and beautiful colors.

  2. I love your new Heid. The light coloured background makes it look fresh and ready for winter wear. And the patterned designs are well balanced and not all over, leaving them breathing and visual space. Beautiful in tweed yarns where colours meld together. Congrats for cover and first pattern spotlight – you earned it!

  3. I wasn’t going to order the Heids book as I already have so many hats to choose from in the box by the door. However, the second I saw the cover design, I changed my mind and ordered the book right away. What a lovely cap, Ella. I can’t wait to knit and wear it.

  4. Congratulations to you, Ella! I have ordered the book, and I was so thrilled to see that your hat was featured on the cover!

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