vair tank top

hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your festive season, however you spend it! I have had a quiet time so far, as I’m sure most of us are still – thanks to covid! I haven’t been doing much knitting, much of anything to be honest – it has been so dark here in shetland, every year you think you will be used to it but then again every year its a surprise! so it feels like I’ve just been working, coming home and sleeping..! But I did finish one project which I started in October that I thought you might like to see, the Vair Pullover from Gudrun Johnstons latest book Shetland Trader Book 3: Heritage.

Last year I knit the Yokey Dokey Jumper which featured the balloon sleeves so I thought I’d make my Vair into a tank top and utilise one of the finishing techniques from another pattern in the book – the I-cord edging on the neck and arms from Willapund:

I was lucky enough to see all the samples up close and personal when I interviewed Gudrun for the J&S Youtube Channel back in September, you can watch that here if you are interested. Many years ago I actually helped Gudrun match up the shades for the original colourway of the Vair from the cover from the original garment, so I thought I’d need to make one.

So.. I used 2ply Jumper Weight from J&S and I wanted to use a couple of the new colours we recently took back and I settled on after swatching FC68 (new shade) as the Main Colour and 122, 1285 (new), FC61 and FC47 as the contrast colours. I love the combination of new shell lace with Fair Isle but as we know I am averse to purling so I worked the lace section flat before joining up for the Fair Isle

Then I just worked as written, inserting steeks for the arm and neck holes, it was a nice project that kept my interest – something I need when I’m distracted by life as I permanently seem to be at the moment! Here you can see it finished before cutting the steeks and then after:

Then I simply picked up the arms and neck as if I was going to do a rib then just did the i-cord edging. I love the way it looks, I think I wouldn’t have liked rib since there was no other rib on the piece due to the lace, anyway, it just works I think.

Lots of the patterns in the book have different options – like necklines, sleeve and length etc so I thought this kept with the mix and match style of the patterns. I’m really pleased with how it came out, these kinds of colours and styles are right up my street so it was a fun project and I’d really recommend the book.

Speak soon.. xxx

9 thoughts on “vair tank top

  1. The blues and golds/oranges together are perfect here. Kudos on the edging. A striking garment! (This is one of the books that has caught my eye recently – right up my alley, too.)

  2. oh my! Fantastic. Thanks for sharing the link for the interview. I Hope 2022 behaves better than the old cousins (2020 & 2021). I think the world is ready for a break. I sure am.

  3. Watching the interview with Gudrun – it’s so fun to see you in action, Ella! I grew up in Canada and I can definitely relate with your experience of the dreariness of dark winter days with not many hours of sunlight. Love your work and cheering you on from the Republic of Georgia.

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