heritage puffin

I couldn’t resist. As soon as I finished my Natural Puffin Cardigan I kept thinking about making another.. but as a jumper.. and in colours closer to the original.. A real Puffin Jumper!


SO.. I decided I would, for my cardigan I hand-tooled the ribbing which was the definition of tedious so for this I took the opportunity to try to fix my ribber for my knitting machine. The first time I set it up, it worked great, then hasn’t worked since. Anyone who uses a knitting machine will know, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to machine working and it can be one of the most frustrating thing to. Somehow I did fix it and while it was working I dived it and got knitting.  I have been looking for something to make with the Shetland Heritage and since we (by we I mean Jamieson & Smith – where I work) now have more colours I thought this was the perfect project!


In one day (!) I knitted the front and back and both the sleeves then the next night I picked up the yoke and started knitting. Its pretty easy to turn a hand knitting pattern into a machine knit one . Tension is always a questionable one with me and my knitting machine but I took a chance and the fit is great, I went for three-quarter length sleeves again, which I love. Colourwise I have managed to stay, I think, pretty close to the original. The only difference is that I went for two blues whereas the original only has one.


Incase you want to make you own, the colours I used are Coll Black for the main, Mussel Blue,Indigo,Madder,Auld Gold,Fluggy White and Snaa White. im really pleased with how it came out. The wool is so soft, I think it will pill a bit to begin with but over time it will settle. It is slightly thinner than 2ply Jumper Weight so I used 2.75mm needles which worked great. For the photos me and Peter went down the Sletts and the cliffs of the Knab is behind us, maybe there is Puffins there?


That’s my Birdwatching pose… and if there were how would they look???


and. that’s my puffin in flight impersonation..

I’m very aware that all I do is make things for myself (selfish knitter) so I’m going to try to make something for my peerie niece. I have a busy couple of months coming up but hopefully I can find some knitting time. Also with the nights getting lighter you feel you want to go OUT and do things while you have the chance – these photos were taken at about half 7 last night, its great!


That is quite a large picture of my face… anyhoozles I love my puffins, it is such an effective but simple pattern in the yoke, and once you get it in your head it goes by really quick! and also the plus of a yoke, each round gets smaller as you go! who knew..

speak soon x

23 thoughts on “heritage puffin

  1. I loved your puffin cardigan in the natural colors, and this one is equally beautiful….You are so talented !

  2. This is one of my favorite puffin sweater variations.

    I’ve never used a knitting machine. Can’t seem to her past the feeling that using one would be cheating, which is silly.

  3. This is gorgeous! I love the shades you have chosen and the photos are wonderful! One of the thigns I love best about Kate’s patterns is how she connects playing in the landscape with designing garments. Your photos echo that spirit of play and make me want to book a flight to Shetland TODAY to go and spot puffins on Sumburgh Head, to skip around on the rocks by the water, and to knit with your yarns :D

  4. I love your latest Puffins, Ella! I am always so impressed with your ability to use a knitting machine. Even looking at one makes me feel nervous. I can’t imagine ever figuring out how to make it work. :-)

    1. Thank you, I know what you mean. I was taught at college but my machine is a totally different brand so it was a learning curve when I first got it, and I definitely am not proficient but as long as I can make my crofthouses and some knitwear for me thats all i need! Handknitting and Machine knitting are so different, you can do one with no idea how to do the other!

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