puffin jumper the third


hello! I’m sorry for the silence here over the past few weeks, thanks for the nice comments on my last post. Things have been very busy and they are set to get more so over the next wee while but today I do have something to show you, my latest finished object.. another Puffin!

My jumper drying on a jumper board in the sun.

This is my third take on the Puffin Jumper by Kate Davies, originally I made a Natural Puffin cardigan, then my Heritage Puffin but finally I have gone back to the original shades and knit myself a true Puffin Jumper. I boarded it on one of my vintage jumper boards and left it to dry outside, it was lovely yesterday and very windy so in about two hours it was dry!


Summer has been poor but in August we have had a few nice nights so tonight I shanghaied Dads walk to the beach into an opportunity to take a few pictures of my new jumper. It was still pretty windy tonight (as you can tell by my hair probably) but actually still quite warm.



The first time I saw the original Puffin jumper I totally fell in love, I don’t know why I didn’t do the colours in the pattern in my first one, but never mind because now I have! It is such a relaxing pattern once you get into it, although it looks quite complicated it really isn’t and you are only using one colour at a time. There is a bit of purling (which I will do anything to avoid) so this time I didn’t purl and just knit back on the wrong side instead, giving me the purl bump on the right side… :) I’m quite proud of that idea..


As is my usual way I knit the body and sleeves on my knitting machine in pieces and then picked all the pieces up for the yoke and hand knit that, each time I do this I am getting a bit better and I nearly have full length sleeves this time.. I used the exact colours in the pattern, its made in 2ply Jumper Weight from my work: Jamieson & Smith. I would have finished this a few weeks ago but I kind of lost my knitting mojo for a bit, resulting in having to knit the neck FIVE times, first too tight, then too loose etc etc. Also I dont think I will knit with black Jumper Weight again for a while, it is very tricky to see.. even with my spec’s on!


As you can see I get my shy and retiring nature from my Dad..


After about five minutes of taking my picture I was asked ‘is it my turn now?.. you can put me on your blog if you want..’ Haha, so there you go Dad.

Of course one can’t model a Puffin jumper without a Puffin impersonation…

9Hopefully it wont be too long til I am back, happy knitting xx

18 thoughts on “puffin jumper the third

  1. Your Puffin the Third is lovely. The original colours are fantastic. It is definitely on my wish list. Hopefully I will do Kate’s pattern as much justice as you have when I finally get around to knitting it.

  2. Your Da looks great! You look wonderful in your Puff #3 and I like the extra bumps the knit stitches give. Good job. Now, I must confess I like your first one best of all, the Natural. You look like you are having fun in all of them and that is what counts!!

  3. Absolutely Wonderful and your Da is a good sport.. You look lovely and the colour do look so nice. You are much braver than I would ever be, knitting in Black. I have Specs, but I don’t think even that would help. I did a swatch in a very dark charcoal once. I thought it looked pretty good. The next Morning when it had dried, I was horrified to see how many stitches I missed in one spot and somehow added in another. it is beautiful though! I’d love to see you make up Jumpers for your Da and Your man. I can almost picture them modeling , out on that very Beach. I bet they would look dashing in a Fisherman’s Sweaters. Can’t wait to see your next woolen creation! Happy Knitting Ya’ll!

  4. Lovely photos of you both. And I feel the need for a Puffin though quite where I’ll get the time from (must make friends with my knitting machine, don’t have a clue),
    Thank you for a lovely post.

  5. Great job Ella! I’ve been meaning to knit puffin for ages. Seeing yours has increased the longing…..

  6. So lovely and the colours are a great combination. I envy you your knitting machine to make the body as I couldn’t face all that black knitting by hand!

  7. Hello Ella…great to have you back, do miss your posts…what an amazing jumper…colours suit you …of course I never tire of pictures of your Shetland

    Your dad looks like a fun guy !!!….cheers pat j

  8. What a fun day with your Dad! I don’t think I have ever seen a cuter model of the Puffin Jumper than you! Every time I see you in it I say, ooh I want a puffin jumper. Well, I’m done saying it, going off to order the yarn right now:)

  9. Yay! for hybrid knitting (half machine, half hand knit). It’s lovely and I usually do the same whenever there’s mind numbing (for me)
    stockinette to tackle. After all, the fun is all in the yoke. Gorgeous!

    p.s. Dapper Dad!

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