adenia yoke

Hello friends! Yes its been a peerie while since I posted but my hands have not been totally idle, I recently finished the yoke you see above and I make good enough notes that I could do a new pattern, this is the Adenia Yoke and you can purchase the pattern on my Ravelry store now!

For a peerie while now I have been wanting to make a yoke using this colour as the main shade – it is 2ply Jumper Weight from my work of course and its shade 18 which is a very bright blue, I am also obsessed with blue and orange together so I wanted to use a mix of flat and bright shades together and I am so pleased with the result. Its actually kind of a weird mix of colours but I feel they work so well together, the foreground colours are 18, 132, 71 and 125 and the background uses 1, 53 and one of the new colours 90. My Ola yoke keeps the background colour the same throughout so I wanted to do something more ‘traditional’ and allowed for a bit of background shading – it’s quite minimal in that there are only 3 background shades but it still means you can have a bit of fun with blending. You could easily keep it just white though and it would still be effective.

Me and my pal Vivian took the photos a couple of weeks ago on a rather cold (spot the goosebumps) and windy day and since it was so grey the colours looked so bright! You can see in the pictures the yoke is almost luminous and I just love it! I kept the body and sleeves quite cropped but I did add a rolled cuff to all the edgings which I think looks really good and just a bit different than the norm. As with all shetland yoke the pattern repeat is quite big so to ensure you have a star in the front there is either 6 or 8 stars – this is quite a big jump so if you are in between the sizes which has 6 or 8 stars it depends on the fit you want, I like my jumpers pretty fitted and usually make either a 34″ or a 36″ to fit my 35″ bust.

We took most of the photos at Bains Beach in the south end of Lerwick, its one of my favourite bits of Lerwick and you might recognize the house in the first picture as they use it for Jimmy Perez’s house on the Shetland drama – but it was here long before the programme!  Its a special area for us toonies so I was glad to get photos of my new design there. The area is known as the Lodberries and its where the houses were built directly into the sea. They were used for a lot of delivering and smuggling as at the time they were built Lerwick was most accessible from the sea.

If you’re wondering where the name Adenia came from, its the name of a Shetland fishing boat – something about all those colours together just gave me a sea/boat vibe so that’s what I went for. Trying to name patterns is one of my least favourite things – but I’m happy with the name so that’s all that matters! I will probably make another one in a different colour scheme at some point but I have some commissions that I’m working on at the moment so it will have to wait.

Anyway Im so glad we are now into February which means more daylight.. yippeeee!!! so if you want to make an Adenia yoke to brighten up your days you can now.

Speak soon! x

15 thoughts on “adenia yoke

  1. Lovely sweater!!! And the photos are amazing. The sweater really pops on that grey day. Shetland is my favorite show of all time so very excited to see Jimmys house! Charlotte and I are coming again for Wool Week this year!! Hope to see you and this lovely area where the photos were taken….(Charlotte and I stopped by to see you at Vogue Knitting Live last year with our wool week Croft hats on!!) hope you will remember us…..we are big fans of yours.

  2. Luminous indeed – love those colours. Me too, big “Shetland” show fan, so nice to see Jimmy’s house. Ella, thanks so much for the link to your friend Viv – her Islander Exchange project with Newfoundland artist Jane Walker is really interesting, and so is Viv’s own work. Once again, a knitting blog broadens my world beyond knitting.

  3. Wonderful sweater, Ella! The orange works perfectly. This one is definitely going in my Ravelry queue!

  4. i love this shade of blue, and the contrast colours are very ‘vintagey’. I am guessing that you did the main colour on your knitting machine, rather than slog away hand knitting.

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