fair isle

Hello everyone, a couple of weeks ago I had a lovely few days in Fair Isle so I thought I’d share some of the copious amount of pictures I took. I was there with my pal Vivian and my knitting pals Mary Jane, Gudrun, Lori and Jeni.  We were working on something secret which will be revealed in good time.. but I was very excited to be going back – Vivian grew up on Fair Isle and I went in a couple of times with her as a too cool for school teenager so it was great to go back as a nature appreciating adult..!

Aah, i feel a bit more relaxed just for looking at the pictures again. Its such a unique place so I’m looking forward to visiting again, I wont leave it 10+ years again..! I think my favourite bits were the lighthouses and Puffins – as an aside this is my face when a puffin flies past my face..

(yes i will be doing a pattern for my jumper…sometime) It was a great few days but I am back to work and real life now..speaking of patterns though I did just release a new pattern which I was knitting on when i was in Fair Isle..

This is the Troni Hat, knit in 2ply Jumper Weight and available in my Ravelry store. Its a pretty simple hat which is just what I was needing at the moment. The colours (minus FC58 and Fc38) are a bit out my usual but I am really pleased with it, so I hope you like it too!

Speak soon xx

15 thoughts on “fair isle

  1. Love those puffins too and I always like the photos you take no matter where you are. You see things as if you have seen them for the first time. Greetings from a passionate knitter from the west coast of Canada.

  2. I love those puffins too and all your photos. You take photos as if you are seeing things for the first time. Greetings from a passionate knitter from the west coast of Canada where there are no puffins but we like to Knit fair isle!

  3. Lvely way to remember. Visuals work well for me too. I especially loved the speckled stone. Great inspiration for a pattern, don’t you think !

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