spending time with my poorly dog, niece time, working with peats, banner making for partysgot my knitting machine, and my studio is beginning to get sorted out. My business is getting going. 


I have been busy setting up my degree show, it doesn't feel real yet, and i dont think it will til after its all done. i will hopefully get my setting up finished tomorrow, and I might go knit more cushions on Wednesday.the weather was fabulous last week, 22 degrees or something yesterday.. in Shetland. I couldn't believe it. The kind…


i have officially finished all my college work (scary) but today i spent the day knitting up cushions to *hopefully* sell at my degree show. i got six knitted up, washed and linked (with a bit of overlocking too) PRETTY GOOD! also i made these little tags to go on the side. teehee x

ALL knitwear

 I saw this brand ALL knitwear when Style Bubble posted about it a few weeks ago. And I'm OBSESSED!! I don't even want to make clothes in knit (it seems extremely complicated) but this really makes me want to.especially these leggings - don't they look so cosy?!?!?! I think I like it all so much because she uses exactly the same system I have been using. DesignAKnit software…